1947 Volkswagen Beetle V12 Sagittar review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 28 March 2013 , 11:03:08 byAngela

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Volkswagen Beetle V12 Sagittar

For the 1940s reaching 140 km/h was really hard to imagine, maybe just as hard as thinking about a 24 horsepower car reaching 140 km/h. We will now talk about a model developed before the end of the Second World War by a German engineer called Kurt Volkhart and we have to admit the model was incredible then and it is incredible now. Everything started at the beginning of the 1940s with a streamlined version of the VW Typ-60 Beetle. The specialists have been trying to dig deeper on the aerodynamic studies belonging to Baron von Konig-Fachsenfeld. To be more precise, this is the processes that lead to the development of the Volkswagen V2 Sagitta.

The German engineer mentioned above paired the chassis of a Beetle and it power train to a streamlined lightweight aluminum body that was so aerodynamic that enabled the model to accelerate and reach a top speed of 140 km/h. it might not sound impressive, but if we consider the fact that the model was receives power from a 21.1-liter boxer engine which produces 24 horsepower, it is more than great. So that you know, in the 1947, the carmaker was only capable of developing 1 unit, mostly because of the war. The model disappeared for a few years, but it has been found in Austria in January and it has been tested in a wind tunnel. Apparently tests indicated that the model is more aerodynamic than the VW Beetle, but it comes to no surprise when comparing it to the V12 Sagittar. The 1947 model is in fact even more aerodynamic than the VW Golf VII and the Mercedes-Benz CLA. This is all for the moment folks.