1950 Volkswagen Type 2 Series van review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 , 06:08:33 byVeronica

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Volkswagen Type 2 Series van

There are people that can find a lot of interesting things about the Type 2 series developed by the Germans from Volkswagen. Of course, here we are actually talking about all leisure vans and busses, but we do have to admit that their best achievement is the T1 version developed between 1950 and 1975. This particular model has as base the Beetle and it managed to remain in production for 63 years.

There are a lot of models that look a lot alike, but there are two, which manage to say different. Here we are talking about the Type 2 Series, the T1 and T2 models which are outstanding as in the first day of existence.Of course, the two might not please everyone, but it will be very difficult for you to not recognize it. Actually the T2 version of the Kombi Type 2 series has been in production since 1957 and it has some modern updates now over the years like for example the water-cooled engine, interior plastics, instrument gauge and radio. After 56 years, Type 2 came to the end of its production after more than 1.5 million models have been developed in Brazil. Production stopped because of the new safety legislation voted in the country. The Germans have developed the Last Edition models of the Kombi and only 600 units will be built for the local market.

The price will be established to start at $35.600. The model sends the power to the road through white colored 14-inch steel wheels covered in 185 R14C white-wallet tires. The interior comes with vinyl and privacy curtains that have the same shade as the exterior. Under the hood it hides a 1.4 liter flex-fuel and water-cooled engine capable of generating 78 horsepower paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox. Please check out the photo gallery we have prepared for you.