1967 Detomaso Vallelunga review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 15 December 2006 , 11:12:07 byEmil

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Detomaso Vallelunga

De Tomaso developed its first road car, the Vallelunga. It was built off of the F1 technology of the carmaker and it featured a full racing suspension. Only between 50 and 58 Vallelunga coupes were built by De Tomaso and this make it a rare and collectable car.

The Vallelunga was Detomaso's first effort at a road car. It was built off of Detomaso's F1 technology, having a full racing suspension. Anywhere from 50-58 Vallelunga coupes were produced by Detomasa, but less than 30 are accounted for, making it a rare and collectable car.