1967 Ford XR Falcon ZEROD review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 , 18:09:31 byEmil

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Ford XR Falcon ZEROD

This year at the Australian International Motor Show that will take place in Sydney next month, a lot of carmaker will present their latest achievements. Local manufacturers will show us the results of their hard work, but also automakers like Lexus will present some new cars for the first time. One of the examples is the Lexus LF-LC II. Here, a lot of classic models were presented along the years, like for example the 1970s Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III, Torana V8 and Holden Morano, but also the FPV Performance division of Ford. Now, we have a new model on the map.

Its name is ZEROD and has as base the 1967 Ford XR Falcon. It is actually the first elite eco-friendly specially made muscle car. The idea came to Mick Fabar, owner of Green Homes Australia. He said that his goal was to manufacture a model that has no impact what so ever on the environment in its construction, design and when being driven. He made some research for himself trying to figure out how many horsepower could he get if he used biodiesel fuels. Under the hood, the man fitted a 7.3-liter Powerstroke turbocharged V8 diesel engine capable of developing 600 horsepower. To transfer the power to the rear wheels, the model used an Allison 4-speed automatic transmission. The power unit was modified to run on B20 biofuel (which means 20% bio and 80% diesel fuel) available on the market. This way, the CO2 emissions were reduced by up to 70%. The most interesting thing about it is that, the Ford ZEROD was built using a lot of recycled materials.

In terms of exterior you should know that the body panels of the new version of the Falcon are second-hand. The black leather interior trim is made from hide off-cuts and the nuts and bolts are also recycled. The only new components used are rubber and glass, the radiator and intercooler. The first two could not be found in good conditions and the last two had to be custom made to suit the front end of the car.

The tires are made from Distillate Aromatic Extract oils and also a low emission base paint, so mainly eco-friendly developments. The whole planning process took eleven months and the actual building took another seven months. The man always had in mind to keep the carbon footprint zero.