1982 Mercedes-Benz 190 E Compact Saloon review and pictures

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Mercedes-Benz 190 E Compact Saloon

Back in 1980, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz introduced for the first time the 190 and 190E models in the compact segment, which had as base the mid-size 200E car. Now this type of car is not really such a big deal, but 30 years ago, the 190 / 190 E compact saloon was only the third family car together with the 200E and the S-Class. The model was designed by Bruno Sacco and it was equipped with a multilink rear suspension. At the beginning it received power from a 2.0-liter petrol engine capable of generating 88 and 120 horsepower. Years later, in 1993, the 190D 4-cylinder diesel was capable of producing 71 horsepower. The 190 E powered by a 2.3-liter 16-valve 4-cylinder was able of generating 182 horsepower. Both were added to the range of the model. It reached its peak in 1988 with the 190 E powered by a 2.5-16, a compact sport sedan capable of generating 192 horsepower. By the end of the manufacturing process, the model was able of producing 232 horsepower, in the Evolution variants.

The model entered the DTM and won in 1992 with the AMG-Mercedes 190 E Evolution II. This variant was produced for 10 years time in which it received two facelifts, one in 1988 and one in 1991. It was replaced in 1993, but until that moment the specialists managed to sell 1.879.629 units. The Mercedes-Benz 190 E compact saloon was replaced by the W202 also known as the C-Class. Actually it carries this name ever since. In the photo gallery we have prepared for you, you have the opportunity to see different images of the 190 E model, but also some interesting sketches and clay prototypes of compact sedan models from before the official release of the W201. We hope you will enjoy it.
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