1993 Toyota Supra Mark IV review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 , 23:08:38 byEmil

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Toyota Supra Mark IV

On Sunday evening, more than 90 Toyota Supra owners (and their cars) gathered to celebrate the legendary car’s 20th anniversary.

The Toyota Supra Owners Club, with support from Toyota GB, hosted the event at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon.

A wide range of Toyota Supras could be seen, from original models to highly tuned-up. While some of the owners have done serious modifications to their vehicles from customized kits, to supercharged power packages, others have prefered to stay true to the car's initial set-up. Regardless, it was a good moment for Toyota to remember its MK4 debut dating more than 20 years ago.

After an initial test model pre-production in December 1992,in April 1993, the Supra Mark IV was completely redesigned from previous Supras. The new model brought a rounded body styling and featured two new engines: a naturally aspirated Toyota 2JZ-GE producing 220 hp (164 kW; 223 PS) at 5800 rpm and 210 lb·ft (280 N·m) at 4800 rpm of torque and a twin turbocharged Toyota 2JZ-GTE making 276 hp (206 kW; 280 PS) and 318 lb·ft (431 N·m) of torque for the Japanese version.

For the export model (America/Europe) Toyota upgraded the Supra turbo's engine (smaller, steel wheeled turbochargers, bigger fuel injectors, etc.). This increased the power output to 326 hp (243 kW; 324 PS) at 5600 rpm and 315 lb·ft (427 N·m) at 4000 rpm.[14] The turbocharged variant could achieve 0–60 mph in as low as 4.6 seconds and 1/4 mile (402 m) in 13.1 seconds at 109 mph (175 km/h).

20 years later, the event was celebrated with a convoy to the museum where the current owners present could take a look at the antique cars available and share their passion about their Toyota Supra. The anniversary model has been discontinued for a while now, Japan being the last country to halt production of the Mark IV in 2002.