1996 Peugeot Touareg Concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 10 June 2008 , 05:06:28 byVeronica

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Peugeot Touareg Concept

For the ones that love traveling, the VW Touareg is perfect. The Germans have developed the VW Touareg Concept for traveling without polluting. The passenger compartment is made of carbon and has a molded plastic frame. It receives power from an electric motor and with it, managed to be both quiet and powerful. To transfer the output to the road, the engineers have provided 18-inch wheels. These are all the details available on the model so far.

The Touareg is perfect to travel through any terrain without polluting. It`s open to the sky, a seamless blend of interior and exterior. The passenger compartment is housed in a carbon frame and a moulded plastic shell. With its electric engine, the Touareg manages to be both quiet and powerful. Its 18-inch wheels are particularly stunning, drawn from a single line, encompassing both tyre and rim, underscoring the originality of a vehicle from another world...