2000 Ferrari 360 Modena review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 22 December 2006 , 06:12:20 byEmil

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Ferrari 360 Modena

Anticipating future trends in Ferrari road cars, the 360 Modena boasts a clean-sheet design together with a weight reduction that beautifully combines with a greater chassis rigidity. Its new approach makes extensive use of an advanced technology based on aluminum for the body shell, chassis, as well as suspension wishbones. The exceptional V8 engine delivers 400bhp at 8500rpm and 275lb-ft at 4750rpm, thus combining Ferrari heritage with innovation. The car rockets from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and covers the kilometer sprint in 22.9 seconds. This outstanding car model represents the 163rd Ferrari designed by Pininfarina, showing a smart blend of styling solutions and innovative design elements. Two large air intakes for the radiators dominate the front, enhancing the car's aerodynamics. Downforce is increased by air pressure as speed rises and, at 180 mph, 397 lbs press down on the car, being evenly distributed between the two axles. The fact that the car is mid-engined is disguised by the car's finely balanced proportions, while both the passenger compartment and the powerplant set neatly between the two axles. Despite the 10% percent increase in overall dimensions, the engineers managed to achieve a 40% greater structural rigidity and a 28% reduction in weight. Whether static or in motion, the sporting characteristics of the 360 Modena are evoked by the bodywork. The other objectives of the engineers included a minimum bending stiffness figure of 22.5 tons per inch and a minimum torsional rigidity of 10,127lb-ft per degree. The research into the ultimate balance of sportiness, ergonomics and space, is emphasized by the car's interior, which is much more spacious as compared with the previous two-seat V8 models. The cockpit is highly comfortable, with seats having four-way manual or six electric adjustments, and the colour of the sumptuous leather upholstery and even its stitching are up to the purchaser.