2001 Citroen Xsara T4 WRC review and pictures

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Citroen Xsara T4 WRC

The 2002 Monte Carlo Rally was the place where Citroen managed to convince everyone they have what it takes to win. The driver of the third car that drove it to victory was Sebastian Loeb who was in lead all three days. Of course, there were a few problems First, Xsara had some engine problems and, in the third day, the Citroen car stopped for 15 seconds, that meant a lot in the end. Because of an unauthorized tire change, Sebastian Loeb received a two minute penalty. Citroen appealed and it was suspended. The final results will be made public within forty days; this is how long takes FIA to make a decision. Will Tommi Makinen driving a Subaru will be the best rally driver ever with 24 wins and four Monte victories or not, we will find out soon. Until then, we will just have to make suppositions.

At the 2002 Monte Carlo Rally Citroen proved that they have the machine and the driver to win. Sebastian Loeb drove the third and final car to victory leading all three days.Xsara had some engine problems and in the third day Sebastien's own car shut off for 15 seconds cosing him valuable time.

For now, Sebastien Loeb is the 2002 Monte Carlo Rally winner? For a tire change made in an unauthorized area he've got two minute penalty. . The penalty was immediately suspended after Citroen appealed. Within the next forty days the FIA will decide if the penalty will stand. If it should, that would make Subaru's Tommi Makinen the most successful rally driver ever, with 24 wins and four Monte victories on the plate.

Pending 2002 Monte Carlo Results:

1. LOEB-ELENA Citroen Xsara 3h58'44800
2. MAKINEN-LINDSTR Subaru Impreza 3h59'30700 (+00'4590)
4. SAINZ-MOYA Ford Focus 4h00'46400 (+02'0160)
4. C.McRAE-GRIST Ford Focus 4h01'28700 (+02'4390)
5. GRONHOLM-RAUTIA Peugeot 206 4h01'38100 (+02'5330)
6. SOLBERG-MILLS Subaru Impreza 4h02'00300 (+03'1550)