2001 Nissan Nails Concept review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 26 January 2007 , 15:01:31 byAlina

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Nissan Nails Concept

The Nissan Nails Concept has a compact body which gives the space inside of the car and the wheels/tires are positioned at the four corners.

The Nails concept has an interesting style with unique construction formed by placing an A-shaped cabin frame on the low floor that runs from the cabin along the length of the bed. Various body panels such as the hood, fenders and doors are given a treatment to allow rough use without being concerned about scratches or dents.

The Nails concept design allows large, heavy items, such as surfboards or off-road bikes, to be transported easily, thanks to its flat bed and foldable rear gate. A soft rear partition that is opened or closed by hooks and fasteners is provided between the cabin and the bed. The flat floor connecting the bed and the cabin makes it easy to carry long items.