2001 Opel Frogster Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 4 January 2010 , 20:01:07 byAngela

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Opel Frogster Concept

Opel developed the Frogster concept and now the designers and engineers have reinvented the small car concept of today, presenting a host of fresh ideas for the next generation of car buyers. With four individually foldable seats, the driver can turn the Frogster into a one or two-seat roadster, three or four-seat convertible or a pick-up all at the push of a button. The PDA also becomes a display for the radio, navigation and climate control systems when integrated in the center console of the model. The concept car also features a number of practical details including step-like running boards and large hand-grips on the rear. Two small loading hatches behind the doors provide access to the load area even when the roller cover is closed. The new model is powered by the lively ECOTEC 1.0-liter 12V gasoline unit capable of developing 58 horsepower .all the output is being sent to the wheels through the innovative Easytronic automated manual transmission. One of the most surprising elements is the roller cover, which serves as both a convertible top and load-area cover. It is made out of aluminum sections connected with rubber inserts, which make the cover waterproof and prevent rattling. Back in 1924, the company enjoyed a huge amount of success with a 4/12 horsepower small, open road car, that people called the Tree Frog, only because of its green color. Then there was the Speedster which made everyone very excited. While they were working on this concept they came up with the combination between them, the Frogster. Until now, no plans of sending the model to production were revealed, but who knows.