2003 Aston Martin Zagato DB AR1 review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 9 January 2007 , 02:01:29 byEmil

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Aston Martin Zagato DB AR1

The 2003 Aston Martin Zagato DB AR1 was particularly designed to reach the US customers, being a lightweight concept, an idea which gave life to the eye-catching American Roadster. It all started in 2002, at the Le Mans race, where Dr. Ulrich Bez had a feeling while driving a DBR1, which is known to have been derived from the DB7, the most successful Aston Martin of all times. The DB AR1 will be available only as a two-seater and it is not a convertible Zagato version of the Coupe. Dr. Ulrich Bez stated that it was the reason why Aston Martin had decided to choose Zagato, emphasizing the same approach to business through quality and quick answers. The 99 cars sold very quickly prove the huge success of the DB7 Zagato from Aston Martin. However, when designing the DB AR1, the engineers had in their mind the Californian weather, offering no hood and a space available only for two people. Although no details concerning the price were released, rumors suggest that it will cost around $230,000. The unique features of the DB AR1 are the result of complex hand craftsmanship and quality, showing a large radiator grille, accentuated rear wheel arches as well as the reverse/fog light combination. The performance increase is ensured by the all alloy, 6.0-liter V12 engine, which will also provide low CO2 emissions. The additional torque of up from 400 lb/ft to 410 lb/ft offers a sharper accelerating drive, while the smart combination of the single plate clutch found on the DB7 Vantage and the revised quick-shift gear lever, enables the driver to enjoy a faster gear change. The special multispoke 19-inch alloy wheels equipped with SO2 245/35 ZR19 front and 265/30 rear, low profile Yokohoma tyres, give the DB AR1 a special appearance on the road. The driver also enjoys progressive braking together with a more consistent and firmer pedal feel due to the uprated brake booster unit.