2003 Fiat Seicento review and pictures

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Fiat Seicento

The 2004 model year, the Fiat Seicento is a car that combines functionality and an incredible design. It is safe, good-looking and comfortable. These qualities make it perfect to go around town, but it also offers passenger a comfortable ride during longer trips. It is noiseless and this is an important attribute in a car because it improves the quality of on-board life and helps the driver concentrate on driving to increase safety. In terms of active safety, the Fiat Seicento model year 2004 is incredible for its pick-up, road-holding and safe braking. Other features that help protect occupants in the case of accidents include driver and passenger airbags, seat-belts, and an energy-absorbing steering wheel. It is powered by a 4 flat cylinder engine that delivers 54 BHP and 88 Nm of torque. The Fiat Seicento model year 2004 is a car that offers driving experience for every lifestyle.

Youthful and appealing in shape, the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 features smooth lines and convex surfaces on the outside. Despite a length of just 334 centimetres and width of 151 cm, the model conveys the impression of a big, solid, sturdy car. This is borne out by the interiors, as is revealed by a roomy, functional and comfortable passenger compartment that would be quite at home in a medium-sized car.

New features on the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 include body-coloured bumpers and new hub caps plus the new round Fiat logo in the centre of the tailgate. The tailgate can also be opened conveniently from inside the car. The Fiat supermini offers three new body colours: Vanilla Yellow, Sparkling Light Blue and Cocktail Blue.
The youthful, fresh theme continues inside the car. The Seicento MY 2004 displays a distinct family resemblance to other recent Fiat models. In particular, certain styling and colour features are directly reminiscent of the New Panda: the facia, door panels, steering wheel and gearlever gaiter, climate control system panel, control keys and parcel rack. The seat trim has also been revamped with a two-tone Squash cloth (grey-orange and grey-blue).

Great attention has been lavished on form and function and also attention to detail and finish: this was the brief given to the designers who revised the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 passenger compartment. The interior also offers outstanding ergonomic, acoustic and climate control qualities.

The new Fiat Seicento MY 2004 is thus an even better-looking, safe and comfortable car. A small car, ideal around town yet also able to promise its occupants a comfortable ride on longer trips. These attributes are enhanced by the Fire 1.1 MPI that is designed to optimise torque delivery at low speeds and enhance driving satisfaction (flexibility) while not overlooking the need to keep fuel consumption down.
The decision to buy a compact car often comes about as a result of considerations of overall low running cost.

The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 does not disappoint: the new model comes with engines that deliver spirited performance but are decidedly thrifty on fuel. This makes them a viable proposition for use around town and out of town. The 4 flat cylinder engine is a member of the Fire family and develops a power output of 54 bhp (40 kW) at 5000 rpm and a torque of 88 Nm (9.0 kgm) at 2750 rpm. Fuel consumption is also minimised: over a combined cycle, for example, the model returns 6.0 l/100 km (4.7 over an extraurban cycle and 8.3 over an urban cycle).

The Fiat supermini is fitted with a tried and tested gearbox with improved synchronisers and lubrication to get the very best out of the 1108 cc engine.

Although its appearance suggests the size and solidity of a higher segment car, dimensions of 334 centimetres in length and 151 cm in width make the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 one of the most compact cars produced in Europe. These petite exterior dimensions are a valuable quality in a car that undoubtedly numbers `city car` among its uses. Yet the new car from Fiat Auto is much more. It also offers properties of dynamism and comfort that allow it to tackle longer, more demanding routes in comfort: ease of driving, generous interior space, practical features, rational and well laid-out controls and fittings, acoustic comfort and an ultra-efficient climate control system. Not to mention the fact that the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 offers cutting edge devices and engineering content to ensure driver and passenger safety.

In the field of preventive safety, the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 is outstanding for engineering features that encourage driver alertness and make for a more relaxed drive: ergonomic seats, easy-to-read instruments, outstanding external visibility and an efficient climate control system. The new model also reconciles dinky external dimensions with ample passenger room even for tall people. The result is a surprisingly big car: the available interior volume is 2.63 m3, i.e. in line with many higher segment competitors. This result has also been achieved without affecting the luggage capacity that stands at 170 litres.

In-car well-being also means being able to maintain an ideal temperature inside your car summer and winter alike. The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 therefore comes with a new highly-efficient easily-operated ventilation unit with recirculation function and ergonomic controls. The system also assures a high air output: when in the summer ventilation position, some 320 m3/h of air emerges from the outlets, a value more typical of a higher segment car.

So the new car is comfortable, relaxing and noiseless. Noiselessness is a particularly important attribute in a car because it improves the quality of on-board life and helps the driver concentrate on driving to increase safety. The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 therefore benefits from a set of features designed to reduce all types of noise transmitted to the passenger compartment effectively. Great attention was devoted to the seals and panel damping as well as the choice of soundproofing materials to minimise noise transmission from the engine compartment and tyre rolling noise. The engine mounting blocks are also secured to an area on the rails that guarantees high dynamic rigidity. The outcome is one of the lowest interior noise levels in its segment.

As far as active safety is concerned, the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 is outstanding for its pick-up, roadholding and safe braking. In detail, the model offers a double crossover braking system with 240 millimetre diameter front discs; floating front brake callipers with reduced clearance; 185 mm diameter rear drum brakes; 7" brake servo and 3/8" pump; the power unit assures good braking modularity and a satisfyingly prompt response; double braking limiters assure effective braking distribution over front and rear axles under all vehicle load conditions whether the car is carrying just the driver or the maximum transportable load.

The outstanding Fiat Seicento MY 2004 braking system can be fitted with an ABS antilock braking system as an option. The selected system is a Bosch 5.3 with 4 active sensors and 4 channels and built-in EBD (Electronic Brake Distributor). The 8 solenoid hydraulic control unit ensures each wheel can brake to the maximum extent permitted by its grip on the ground to prevent locking; full control of the car even with the brake pedal on the floor; very prompt responses - and a light control unit.

The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 suspension guarantees maximum comfort and outstanding roadholding to benefit driving safety. To achieve these aims, the model adopts the conventional independent wheel configuration now thoroughly tried and tested on Fiat models and more typical of higher segment cars. The front suspension is MacPherson type while the rear suspension is independent, with tie rods.

The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 steering system has also been designed to ensure the driver minimum effort at the wheel and great handling in parking and low-speed manoeuvres combined with precision and safety at high speed. The steering wheel turns 3.9 times lock to lock and the vehicle can perform a U turn in 8.8 metres. The new model therefore acquits itself very well in every traffic condition and is easy to park even in the tightest spots.

As far as passive safety is concerned, the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 meets all current safety standards and performs well in tests conducted in accordance with the toughest standards. The body offers maximum strength under all impact conditions. The passenger compartment frame has been strengthened to create a survival cell.

The doors contain bars to protect against side impact. Front and rear crumple-zones absorb the energy of impact more effectively. The bonnet is collapsible to prevent it entering the windscreen. The sturdy structure of the rear backrest also prevents luggage weighing up to 36 kg from entering the passenger compartment whether the seat is one-piece or split. This has been borne out by a test subjecting the car to impact at 60 km/h against a deformable barrier.

Other features that help protect occupants in the case of accidents include driver and passenger airbags (available as options), seat-belt pretensioners, antisubmarining front and rear seats, an energy-absorbing steering wheel and a collapsible steering column.
The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 is also equipped with an FPS (Fire Prevention System).

Fiat Seicento MY 2004 can choose between two versions. Both offer great value for money and correspond to two different ways of appreciating and using a car: Active and Actual. These specifications replace the preceding Comfort and S versions, while the Seicento Sporting and Seicento Clima are no longer in the range. The Seicento Actual offers front seat-belt pretensioners as standard, a Fiat CODE, halogen headlights and rear wash/wipe. It is also one of the most competitively priced cars on the market: the list price is 7,150.00 Euro (ready to drive).

The Seicento Active, on the other hand, costs 7,950.00 Euros (ready to drive). The latter version offers power steering, central locking, electric windows and body-coloured bumpers and side strips as standard. A manual climate control is fitted as standard on both versions.

The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 is therefore a specific and apt response to everything the public requires. But this is not all. Because we are aware that the main thing customers want is a choice, the model offers one of the most diverse ranges currently available on the market for this category of car. Suffice it to say that you can always add a personal touch to your car by choosing products from a long list of options or items from the accessory range. This truly broad and varied range emphasises the dynamism and practicality of the Fiat Seicento MY 2004 and makes the most of its original personality. Some items offer extra comfort and improve the quality of life on board; equipment packages to make the car`s style even more personal; safety and protection devices - and articles to meet the specific needs of children.

The Fiat Seicento MY 2004 is not simply a car but a new driving experience for every lifestyle. It is a special car designed for individual targets and able to offer different versions for different needs. A car that refuses to be pigeonholed but is able to present itself as a niche product for any of the lifestyles enjoyed by its prospective customers. A car that is able to reconcile opposites and is happily unfettered by constraints of income, age, mileage and place.