2003 Nissan Dunehawk Concept review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 26 January 2007 , 13:01:53 byAlina

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Nissan Dunehawk Concept

The Dunehawk from Nissan with it features paves the way for Nissan 4x4. The car has dynamic attributes for an original SUV with off-road ability thanks to its rugged chassis, ground clearance and advanced, electronically controlled ALL-Mode 4x4 system.

In order to cross difficult areas with easiness the car was equipped with rugged ladder frame chassis, short front and rear overhangs and dramatic 20-inch wheels. The ladder frame also provides the additional strength and rigidity which is essential for towing performance. But Dunehawk has far greater depth than a typical 4x4.

Taking its lead from the highly acclaimed Nissan X-TRAIL, Dunehawk is just as at home on road as it is off the beaten track. It has been designed to perform and handle as well as a conventional car and has a luxuriously comfortable interior.


Dunehawk has bold and imposing design features smooth surfaces with iconic, angled accents. The body adopts a cylindrical design theme, with gently curving body sides that are narrower at roof and chassis level and wider at the body belt-line. This design solution helps create a feeling of strength while giving greater interior width where its needed most - at elbow level.

The cylindrical theme is repeated at the tailgate, on the extended wheel arch blisters and on interior fittings.

Contrasts can be found in the striking side window graphic, with its heavily angled C-pillar separating the deeper door glass from the shallower rear window, and in the iconic Nissan 4x4 front grille design with its balanced angle strut motif which is set off by the confident Nissan logo.

There are neither door handles nor door mirrors to disrupt the Dunehawk's surfaces. The doors are opened electrically by brushing a pad on the flanks of the Dunehawk, while rear facing cameras with pop up screens at either end of the dashboard take care of what's happening behind.


Dunehawk's interior takes a quality approach. Cream leather panels and contoured seats contrast with covered active pad mid brown leather panels to signify human contact areas such as the steering wheel while the dark brown hard wearing carpet is developed to withstand all of the wear of outdoor activities. Discreet waterfall lighting cascades from the roof, from underneath the door fittings and from under the rear storage bins to bathe the interior with a subtle ambient glow.

The cockpit is dominated by an angular theme with a T-bone centre console which houses all the vital driving information systems, including a screen showing critical real-time traction information via sensors on all four wheels and within the ALL-Mode 4x4 system. Nissan's pioneering interactive N-Form dashboard has also been adopted and reveals how it could function in the future.

The cylindrical dashboard incorporates a compass, altimeter and inclinometer - all highly useful instruments for serious off-road work.

Practical elements include ample storage space with deep bins on the doors and side panels as well as an aircraft-style overhead console which runs centrally for the full length of the roof and incorporates luggage lockers.

On either side of the console, the roof is glazed to help create an airy interior ambience - a styling feature reminiscent of Nissan's C-MPV Evalia concept car, shown at the Geneva show earlier this year. The console also houses ventilation outlets and a DVD screen for rear seat entertainment.