2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale review and pictures

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Ferrari Challenge Stradale

Gaining 50% in vertical load as compared to the 360 Modena, the Ferrari Challenge Stradale has adopted specific solutions by building on aerodynamic concepts used for the 360 Modena. The car features a Cd equal to that of the 360 Modena, although the vertical load has considerably increased. At 200 km/h, the load increase is 40 kg for a gain corresponding to the effect of a wing with 15 cm chord length and 1.8 m span, a significant result. The introduction of longitudinal fins balance the road, while the rear nolder was modified in order to obtain an improved efficiency by using a shape more appropriate to the function. Furthermore, the car's efficiency and balance are significantly improved by the new shape which streamlines the rear wheels. The Challenge Stradale's weight is 110 kg less than the 360 Modena, due to the careful project management and aluminum was the basic material used to build the Challenge Stradale, an approach which makes the vehicle extremely competitive. The engineers made also use of the carbon technology, derived from Formula 1, a premiere for an eight-cylinder car, being used for both structural parts and for interior and exterior trim features. The car's floorpan receives a 50% reduction thanks to the particularly advanced construction technology which impregnates the resin with multi-axial carbon fibres in a vacuum, thus obtaining the necessary rigidity. The car has an outstanding performance, covering the 0-100 km/h sprint in 4.1 seconds, reaching 400 metres in 12.1 seconds. The car is fitted with carbon fibre-structure racing seats upholstered with a high-grip textile. The dominant characteristic feature of the Challenge Stradale's interior is embodied by essentiality, providing a racing-style interpretation for every single feature.