2005 Citroen C8 Executive review and pictures

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Citroen C8 Executive

Released in 2002, the Citroen C8 Executive has been sold until now in more than 85.000 units and obtained no less than 5 stars in EuroNCAP crash tests. With its modern design and high safety provided, Citroen C8 Executive seems to be favorite among people of all ages. Citroen C8 Executive has wheels of 16 inches, a Fer Grey body color, dark grey fabric on all the 8 seats, 16:9 colour screen of 7 inches, orange cluster, screen printing and some bamboo finished details. Its 2.0 liters HDI engine is able of 120 HP and works along with a manual gearbox in 6 speeds. Citroen C8 Executive comes also in a variety of engine models: diesel HDi 109 DPFS with automatic or manual gearbox, diesel HDi 130 DPFS with a manual gearbox in 6 speeds and petrol with 143 HP and a 2.oi 16V engine.

The C8, Citroen`s executive people-carrier, has sold more than 85,000 units since its launch in June 2002. With its attractive styling, sliding side doors, equipment and impeccable road manners, it ranks among the MPVs setting the standards for comfort and safety. The five stars obtained in EuroNCAP crash tests confirm its high standards of passenger protection.

The contemporary design lines of the C8 clearly identify it as an executive vehicle. Its prestige looks are underlined by the 16-inch wheels, now fitted on all models, and a new body colour, Fer Grey.

The welcoming cabin with its sliding electric doors can accommodate up to eight people in three rows. A range of attractive interior ambiences are available, including a new option with the first level of trim, featuring dark grey fabric seats with a bamboo finish. The central instrument cluster on the high-tech dashboard is also upgraded. Whether it has three dials, or two dials and a large 7-inch 16/9 colour screen, the cluster gains orange lighting and new screen-printing of contemporary design.

To provide drivers with all the information and assistance necessary for relaxed driving, the C8 gains a wider range of equipment, including: a speed limiter coupled with cruise control, a tyre under-inflation detector showing the wheel concerned, and parking assistance with the vehicle silhouette and detection areas displayed on the multifunction screen.

To provide its occupants with maximum safety, the C8 naturally boasts a full range of active safety equipment including ABS, TCS, ESP, EBA and automatic hazard warning lights. These features are combined with an ultra-resistant structure and a range of protective equipment whose efficiency is reflected by the five stars received in EuroNCAP crash tests.

Concerning the engine range, the C8 will be available from March, depending on the country, with the 120 bhp 2.0 HDi engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The existing diesel engine options remain available: the HDi 109 DPFS mated to a manual or automatic gearbox and the HDi 130 DPFS with a six-speed manual gearbox. The petrol version of the C8 is equipped with the 143 bhp 2.0i 16V engine associated with a manual or automatic gearbox.