2005 Fiat Multipla review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 1 May 2007 , 09:05:34 byAlina

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Fiat Multipla

The fun and friendly Fiat Multipla is a popular car that now offers even more because its look has been revamped.

The car, available in the second half of the year, retains all the attributes of the previous model: six comfortable seats and the compactness of a saloon; a strong personality that stands out from the current motoring pack; uncommonly good flexibility of use and versatility.

Two specifications are offered, both with a wealth of features, 10 colours and a wealth of options and accessories. All these features mean that the new model represents outstanding value for money. The New Multipla remains unique in its segment because it offers cutting edge features within an innovative structure. Suffice it to say that the model abandons the classic Multi Purpose Vehicle structure with two pairs of seats arranged over three rows in favour of a configuration made up of six individual seats of equal size, comfort and dignity, arranged over two rows. And there is more. The New Fiat Multipla is the only vehicle in its segment to provide 6 seats plus roomy luggage space.
This option keeps the length short (it is 409 centimetres long) and also offers a luggage compartment (430 to 1300 litres, depending on the position of the rear seats). The floor is completely uncluttered.

The floorpan does not include the usual step beneath the rear seat but is flat and high enough to accommodate the components of minimum environmental impact versions in the lower part (Natural Power). The New Fiat Multipla is therefore an ideal workhorse or leisure vehicle. Though the new model has retained the winning structure of its predecessor, much of its exterior styling has been changed. Firstly, the Fiat Style Centre designers worked on the front end to emphasise the model`s strong personality while retaining the fun and informal flavour that has always been its strongest feature. The front is now powerful and spare, dominated by the current Fiat family look that includes techno headlights and a round shield standing on a honeycomb patterned grille. More specifically, the grille consists of a 3-D chrome frame and a grid with round holes for a hi-tech look. Horizontal chrome friezes supporting the central logo add a touch of class. At the lower part of the front, the headlights spread sideways as does the air intake divided into three sections.

The same stylistic consistency and harmony returns at the rear where features include new tail-lights and sturdy, wrapround bumpers. A large central logo has also been added to the generous tailgate where metal and steel strike an excellent balance. The car`s rear view confirms its highly individual and non-conformist line. The shape departs from the more or less accentuated convexities to which present-day cars have accustomed us. This means that even with the seats aligned on the same row, the heads of people sitting at the sides are still far from the walls and not constricted in any way. Exterior visibility is improved and the eye can see the road behind the car (the side view is also aided by a very low waist line and windows that drop down to the middle of the car).

At the side, the new model offers the same impression of rear solidity and protectiveness. The most salient features is, however, the combination between the extreme essentiality of line and the inclusion of certain stylish features such as the sideskirts that are now body-coloured.

With its innovative design and high-tech features, the New Fiat Multipla is also the very essence of sociality and on-board wellbeing. It is the ideal car for people who travel with friends and need six seats and as much luggage room as in a station wagon. It is a leisure vehicle that allows the number of seats to be adapted to the number of passengers (three, four, five or six) so that all the remaining space can be used to carry possessions. For example, the car could carry three passengers so that the rest of the completely flat floor can be left free for long, bulky items. It is also an ideal car for everyday driving in town traffic due to its compact size and great visibility under all conditions.

So many cars packed into one. Because the New Fiat Multipla can change according to current needs and assume, as required (and only for the time necessary) the configuration of a station wagon or MPV, a saloon or van. It therefore multiplies (as its name suggests) everyone`s possibilities of expression and movement and allows the interior space to be used freely and inventively.