2005 I2B Concept Project Raven Le Mans Prototype review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 20 January 2007 , 19:01:00 byAlina

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I2B Concept Project Raven Le Mans Prototype

Raven is the first I2B Project and it is a Le Mans prototype. It features two wheels drive and a longitudinal middle engine. Under the hood it hides a V10 Turbo-charged engine capable of developing 500 horsepower weighing no more than 1200 kg. The introduction of the new model should wait a little for better times.

Raven was designed to be a LeMans prototype for a European super car manufacturer and is the first I2B Project. Two wheel drive with a longitudinal middle engine was the classic conception for the car. When the engineers designed the car the main idea was that the car to have the lowest as possible center of gravity and the lowest air resistance and the first step was to build a clay model of the car in 1:10 scale. Some basic calculation for air resistance were made on Fluent. Because the first conception wasn't so good they decided to put a rear wing which at low speed would lay on the back end of the car.

Main dimensions and characteristics:

Front: 255/40 ZR 20
Rear: 335/30 ZR 20
Length 4600 mm
Width 2010 mm
Height 1100 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Ground Clearance 70 mm
Engine - V10 Turbo charged with about 500HP
Weight no more than 1200 Kg

Because of the small amount of investments into this project the Raven should wait for better times to come in order to be on LeMans at 2006.