2006 Ferrari 599 Panamerican 20000 7 Miami New York review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 28 December 2006 , 10:12:53 byEmil

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Ferrari 599 Panamerican 20000 7 Miami New York

The Panamerican 20,000 was the latest and most persuasive test of Ferrari's newest model, the 599 GTB Fiorano. In Savannah, on the 5th November 2006, the two 599 GTB Fiorano drive through woods with pine trees like in Southern Europe with the second stop at the Daytona race track, the famous oval of the Indy car series. While the tour proceeds along the coast, two Berlinettes from Maranello are able to show their performance, a great view among the historical buildings of Savannah, which are still perfectly intact. At Fayetteville, on 6th November 2006, the two Ferrari cars leave Lake Marion behind with the road leading them away from the beaches. In Darlington, the next stop, the team meets the Case CNH together with the local Ferrari Club on the famous high-speed track. In Washington, on 8th November 2006, the 599 GTB Fiorano is presented and launched on the US-American market during the Panamerican 20,000 Tour. The 599 GTB Fiorano is a two-seater berlinetta with a V-12 engine, the top performer ever developed at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, bringing a new benchmark in sportiness, driving feel, and design. Later, the team is going to make a tour around the city, stopping the cars in front of the most important monuments of the US-American capital. The tour continues to Chicago, Toronto, Buffalo and New York. Mr. Parlato informed that the cars had proven their extraordinary reliability, succeeding though the rugged Andean roads without serious damage to the tires and rims. The attention was centred on the two 599 GTB Fiorano, which drove for 20,000 miles without the slightest problem, arriving in New York in perfect conditions. Ferrari's biggest market is represented by North America with approximately 1,550 vehicles sold a year.