2006 Ford Ka Collection review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 3 December 2006 , 09:12:07 byEmil

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Ford Ka Collection

Ford's Ka has been acknowledged as an automotive style icon and few cars in this sector have attracted so much attention from the famous and the professional.

Prime Minister Tony Blair had a close look at the Ka when he named it as one of the first Millennium Products chosen by the Design Council back in 1998. The Ka was chosen for its forward thinking, challenging, creative and innovative design.

One star helped on to the road by the Ka is Doctor Who's assistant Billie Piper. She learnt to drive in a striking Amparo Blue Ka Collection. And celebrity hairdresser Nicki Clarke and his wife had a brand new Streetka completely repainted in pink as a present for their daughter.

Streetka was the envy of thousands across Europe when pop diva Kylie Minogue took the car on her European 'Fever' tour in 2002 prior to the car's official launch. Kylie then officially launched Streetka at the Paris Motor Show. Posters of Kylie with the Streetka were grabbed from the walls of her tour venues, as they became instant collectors' items. One lucky couple from Somerset actually won a Streetka that had been personally signed by Kylie. The universally admired pop star shared style, good looks and a sparkling personality with the Streetka, and both have maintained a head-turning appeal. Celebrity designer Bruce Oldfield produced a dress from Streetka parts and Julien MacDonald used a specially created flamboyant pink Streetka as the centrepiece of his London fashion Week show back in 2002. The car even included diamonds worth a million dollars.

In its Sportka form, Ka has shared the F1 stage with Eddie Jordan and stayed in the sports arena when England footballing sensation Wayne Rooney tore-up his 'L' plates in 2003. He jumped straight into a distinctive Imperial Blue Sportka.

At the time Rooney said: "It's just a huge relief to have passed my test and I'm looking forward to driving myself to training in my new car."