2006 Hyundai HED-3 Arnejs Concept review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 20 April 2007 , 01:04:32 byAlina

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Hyundai HED-3 Arnejs Concept

Hyundai`s new C-segment concept will make its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show later this month. The 'Arnejs` is a designer preview of the car set to take the C-segment by storm in 2007, and will be unveiled at the Hyundai press conference at 17.30 on 28 September.

The Arnejs, pronounced 'Ar-nez` features advanced technology and contemporary design capable of competing with the volume C-segment models of major European car manufacturers. Hyundai`s totally new C-segment car, which will be very closely based on the Arnejs concept, is due to go on sale in the UK in the summer of 2007.

Hyundai`s new C-segment car will share the same quality and performance that has seen Hyundai become the world`s sixth largest manufacturer. The C-segment is hugely important for manufacturers, representing the most popular cars among UK buyers. For this reason, Hyundai`s new C-segment car is an important step towards increasing its market share in Europe, in a segment that demands both quality and affordability.