2007 ABT Skoda Superb review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 13 April 2007 , 07:04:52 byAlina

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ABT Skoda Superb

Skoda introduced the new Superb and not long after this happened, ABT Sportsline came with a couple of very interesting tuning ideas. The result leaves us speechless and it will be the best sporty comeback of this spring. The tuner dedicated a lot of time finding solutions to increase comfort and according luxury in the development phase. The carmaker offers different types of engine variants. The tuner boosted the 1.8-liter turbocharged engine from 110 kW to 142 kW. The 1.9-liter TDI delivers 114 kW from 96 kW and also the 2.5-liter TDI delivers 132 kW and not 114 kW like before. All wheels ABT offers for the Superb have the classis five-spoke-design and the high quality of the designer from Kempton. As expected, all wheels are available with tires from Continental. The program created for the Superb is available from now.

Would you have thought of it? Already in the 1920s and 1930s, Skoda introduced a member of the luxury class family, the Superb. With the new Superb, the Czech manufacturer continues the tradition and once more steps up into this prestigious market segment. And where courage and innovation are required, Abt Sportsline can't be far: only a short time after the production start, the world's leading tuning company for makes of the Volkswagen group is showing its first ideas. The result speaks for itself: the Abt Superb is arguably the most sporty comeback of this spring.

The new flagship from the Czech Republic already offers a great deal by itself. For instance, the focus was on highest possible comfort and according luxury in the development phase. The sporty spirit for all managers on the overtaking lane comes from Kempten: the Abt rear spoiler with integrated third brake light gives the dynamic, but rather conservative design of the sedan a sporty-elegant touch. This is even further enhanced by the use of Abt springs. They lower the body of the Superb by approx. 35 to 40 mm.

While the first Superb-models were equipped with impressive eight-cylinder engines, with a capacity of up to 6.6 litres in the past, Skoda is now following the sign of the times and offers a range of petrol and diesel engines for the new generation. An ideal playing field for Abt Sportsline's engineers. Thanks to optimising the electronic engine management, they boosted the 1.8 litre turbocharged engine from 110 kW (150 bhp) to 142 kW (193 bhp). The company has developed performance improvement kits for two diesel engines as well: power of the 1.9 litre TDI-engine has been increased from 96 kW (130 bhp) to 114 kW (155 bhp), and, after a visit to Kempten, the 2.5 TDI engine delivers 132 kW (180 bhp) instead of the previous 114 kW (155 bhp).

To get the power of the Abt Superb on the road in the best possible way, clients at Abt Sportsline have a wide range of top-class light alloy wheels to choose from. The portfolio ranges from 7 x 15 inch to the A 27 model of 9 x 19 inch. All wheels have the unmistakable classic five-spoke-design and the high quality of the designer from Kempten. Of course, all wheels are also available with tyres from Abt's tyre partner Continental. As ever so often at Abt Sportsline, individuality counts here as well. And to ensure that the driver always keeps control over his luxury sporting machine, Abt's steel flex brake lines cater for the best possible brake performance while requiring significantly less pedal force.

The Abt programme for the Superb is immediately available. Further products, such as the Abt exhaust silencer and the Abt sport brake system are currently being developed.