2007 AC Schnitzer ACS4 Z4 Sport Coupe review and pictures

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AC Schnitzer ACS4 Z4 Sport Coupe

AC Schnitzer presented their interpretation, the ACS4 Roadster and the ACS4 Coupe, after German carmaker, BMW revealed the Z4 M Roadster and the Z4 Coupe. The kit includes the suspensions, the exhaust system, wheel and tire combinations, aerodynamic conversions and interior accessories. Just for visual pleasure, on both the new models, chromed tailpipe trims are available in the same design. For more precise gear shifts, the tuner offered the Short Shift that has been adapted for the BMW Z4 3.0i, the 3.0si and the M-versions with manual transmission. At the front of the two models the tuner created a special front spoiler attached to the standard front skirt to ensure better down force. No matter the body version, the AC Schnitzer side skirts create a compact link between the front and the rear. The new models feature a lot of new and special elements that express exactly what the tuning company wants.

Not only BMW but also we at AC Schnitzer are thrilled with the range of new Z4 vehicles, and present our interpretations: the AC Schnitzer ACS4 Roadster and the AC Schnitzer ACS4 Coupe.

The product range extends from suspension components and exhaust systems, through a wide range of wheel and tyre combinations, to special aerodynamic conversions and last but not least interior accessories.

The aerodynamic range has been designed so that - with few exceptions - the special accessories for the ACS4 Roadster will also fit the ACS4 Coupe, and similarly the conversions for the ACS4 M Roadster are compatible with the ACS4 M Coupe.

To improve the driving dynamics, for the Z4 M Roadster and M Coupe we offer a modified rear axle ratio of 3.91 : 1 (standard 3.62 : 1). The AC Schnitzer rear axle ratio guarantees greatly improved acceleration.

The response behaviour is improved on all Z4 models thanks to the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencers. Made completely of special steel with chromed Racing tailpipe, they also provide a more sonorous note than the standard system. For purely visual enhancement, on the Z4 Roadster and Coupe chromed tailpipe trims are available in the same design.

For the M-versions of the Z4 that are fitted with a twin sports silencer as standard, as well as the Twin Racing system there is a further option of Sports Trim Design. This design is reserved exclusively for M-vehicles and was previously seen on both the M5 and M6.

Faster and more precise gear shifts promote the adrenalin rush and perceptibly improve acceleration in a car. So the AC Schnitzer Short Shift has been adapted for the BMW Z4 3.0i, 3.0si and M-versions with manual transmission.

For safe control at all times of the driving performance of the new BMW Z4 models, except M-variants, a special high performance brake system has been developed for the front. The internally vented and slotted brake discs measure 334 mm in diameter and are 32 mm thick. The special brake calipers are fitted with two 42 mm pistons. Naturally the standard ABS system is retained in full.

Extensive tests on race tracks and public roads have resulted in the development of a complete suspension concept consisting of AC Schnitzer sports suspension, special antiroll bar kit and strut braces. The total concept, the components of which can also be fitted individually, achieves sports handling with the same high standard of driving comfort.

In addition, exclusive to the M Roadster and M Coupe is a special racing suspension which is currently still in the development phase.

The suspension concept for all ACS4 Roadster and Coupe models naturally also includes the AC Schnitzer Type IV, Type III and Type II alloy and racing rims in one-piece and multipiece construction. As well as a wealth of wheel and tyre combinations in 17", 18" and 19", we can now offer the largest wheels for the Z4 Roadster and Coupe in 9.0J x 20" with tyres 245/30 R 20.

The M Roadster and M Coupe are even fitted with 9.0J x 20" and 245/30 R 20 on the front and 10.0J x 20" with 285/25 R 20 on the rear. For tyres, we recommend high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin.

The bodywork of the AC Schnitzer ACS4 models reveals the high technical standards that we apply to our products. So for the Z4 Roadster and Coupe and for the M Roadster and M Coupe there are two tailored outfits that fulfil these attributes.

The front part of the Z4 Roadster and Coupe is enhanced by the strikingly designed front spoiler attached to the standard front skirt. This also ensures better downforce. The rear is rounded off by the new AC Schnitzer rear skirt which not only harmoniously integrates the sports rear silencer into the rear but at the same time gives the vehicle a more imposing appearance.

For both the M Roadster and M Coupe, an aerodynamic package has been created which sets even more sporting accents through its styling language and the use of carbon. The package consists of carbon front spoiler elements that optionally can be joined to the front spoiler with chromed aluminium supports. In addition, the new AC Schnitzer chrome front grille gives the vehicles a trendy retro look and at the same time meets the high air flow demand of the 3.2 litre high revving engine.

The vehicle rear is enhanced with a fully integrated carbon rear diffuser. This diffuser is available with two different versions of the special rear skirt edge frame which, depending on which exhaust is fitted, give the "Finishing Touch" to the chromed tailpipes of the Sports Trim or Racing Design and the standard system.

It is in the nature of things that there are a few fundamental differences between the Roadster and Coupe: for the Roadster the product range includes a chrome cover for the roll bars, a wind deflector in clear-glass style and a two-piece rear wing, the triangular parts of which are attached individually to the right and left of the Roadster boot - setting totally new accents. For the coupe versions, a three-piece rear wing is available.

Whatever the body version, the AC Schnitzer side skirts form the homogeneous link between the front and rear. A particular eyecatcher is the side deflectors with integrated flashers, which as an option can be supplemented with a Chromeline set.

Exclusivity is the trump card in the cockpits of all AC Schnitzer ACS4 models: As well as the carbon interior trim in silver, and matching ergonomically designed AC Schnitzer airbag sports steering wheels, the accents are set above all by the aluminium accessories in silver or black anodized finish. There is also a pedal set with matching foot rest, a handbrake handle and a selector knob for the manual versions. For automatics, there is a carbon selector lever. Last but not least, foot mats with the AC Schnitzer logo, made from high quality velours, complete the range.

Naturally all AC Schnitzer parts are TÜV-tested.