2007 Audi Nothelle TT review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 27 June 2007 , 19:06:42 byAlina

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Audi Nothelle TT

Nothelle, a renowned German tuner, unveiled a very impressive TT with 520 bhp under the bonnet. Nothelle used experience gained in the world of motorsports for this achievement.

Design, Sport Exhaust System

The TT features a three-piece front spoiler as well as front apron air intakes (Double Frames). The Nothelle side sill elements give the Audi TT a much sturdier profile, building up a sort of lateral muscle mass look. In back, a rear apron in special Nothelle design comes with complete, perfectly integrated end pipes extending from the silencer - which is offered by Nothelle in combination with the rear apron - guaranteeing a super spine-tingling sound with very distinctive rear view. Perfect to the completion of the rear, Nothelle provides a 3-part rear spoiler providing extra downforce and particularly at higher speeds, a better stabilization effect. Additionally, Nothelle offers a roof spoiler.

Major Performance Increase

In order to match the muscular look, Nothelle also took care of the engine department. The German specialists help the series 2.0 TFSI engine with four different power programs. From a simple chip tuning (adding 40 bhp, 55 lb-ft) through to a complete rebuild (adding 130 bhp, 96 lb-ft). If you want more, Nothelle has something big in store for you. They have attached two turbochargers to a 3.2 V6 engine. This increases the performance up to 520 bhp and 469 lb-ft and the top speed to about 190 mph, turning the TT from the underdog to a Porsche-killer. The conversion is available for manually shifted versions as well as for TT's with DSG transmission (direct shift gearbox). The conversion, of course, includes a reinforced clutch and a specially adapted gear transmission ratio. Because on one hand the sheer power should be transmitted without causing damage, and on the other hand it should enable a full gallop of the 520 ponies.

Wheels and Tires

The superior, distinctive and modern design of the "NOVEDRA IX" is immediately noticeable, due to its complete self-containment. The nine spokes (hence "IX") consists of a broad basic design in which a slender ridge runs into the rim flange. The sporty dynamics of this perfectly-shaped masterpiece makes every vehicle look fast even while when just standing still. These are offered in 20-inch for the Audi TT by Nothelle.

Nothelle makes available no less than 4 different surface finishes. For variations "silver", "white", and "black" the spokes and rim flange are polished. Trendy again particularly for white vehicles is the white finish really standing out with an individualized look.

The variation "NOVEDRA IX brillant" features an elaborate, high-polished finish available by Nothelle through special ball-polishing techniques and high-polished clearcoat. Through these processes, the wheel not only receives its own individual non-imitable look, but possesses increased durability as well. The sealing of the surface occurs through a transparent baked-on lacquer finishing process.

The attractive wheels are made available from Nothelle as a set with tires in sizes 255/30 R20, contributed by their technology partners Hankook and Continental.