2007 Hamann BMW 5-Series review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 26 November 2006 , 12:11:20 byEmil

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Hamann BMW 5-Series

The 2007 Hamann BMW 5-Series features different wheel designs and impressive aerodynamic elements. Major performance increases can be expected by diesel drivers and they may reach up to 350 HP. Hamann is recommended to anyone who wants more performance as the company from Laupheim extracts performance values from the top diesel model, the 535d, which were considered impossible until now. The maximum torque of 630 Nm makes it possible to get impressive in-gear performance figures. Thus, the top speed increases to 267 km/h and the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 5.9 seconds instead of the standard 6.5 seconds. A pair of HAMANN side skirts provides optical lowering on one hand, and furthermore, they ensure a more impressive side view that what is provided by the smooth side profile. The 5 series is given the final touch by the HAMANN sports mirror, which is electrically controlled and heated. 20-inch wheels fit perfectly with the modified 5-Series and the look of the three-section, ultra-light, forged rims with the cross-spoke design and a black rim star is characterized by the 9 main spokes, which each branch outwards into 2 others. There is a lowering kit to lower the body with progressive body springs. With this, the HAMANN 5-Series hovers above the pavement 40 mm lower at the front and 20 mm lower at the rear.
Various interior accessories were provided by the Laupheim finishing specialists, including a footrest made of aluminum, an exclusive set of foot mats with the HAMANN inscription in silver together with a three-spoke HAMANN airbag sports steering wheel.