2007 GM Daewoo G2X review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 10 April 2007 , 04:04:36 byAlina

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GM Daewoo G2X

GM will present the G2X roadster at the Seoul Motor Show. Under the hood it has a 2.0-liter engine with turbocharger and gasoline direct injection that is capable of delivering 260 horsepower and 353 Nm of torque and that is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 227 km/h. It also has sharp edges with curved surfaces to create a dynamic look and typical proportions for its class. The power is being sent to the wheels through a five-speed transmission with limited slip differential.

The premiere of the unique G2X roadster a few months ahead of its domestic sales, which start in late summer, is a true highlight of this year`s Seoul Motor Show.

Its longitudinally front-installed 2.0-liter 260-hp engine with turbocharger and gasoline direct injection accelerates the roadster to 100 km/h from a standing start in just 5.5 seconds, and to a top speed of about 227 km/h.

"The G2X is a classic roadster with abundant power and breathtaking acceleration. Hence, it will offer true sports car performance and an exhilarating driving experience," said Grimaldi. "To further strengthen the GM Daewoo brand, we will offer Korean consumers something no other Korean manufacturer has in its showroom."

The G2X brings with it a lot of personality thanks to its exciting shape, which contrasts sharp edges with curved surfaces to create a dynamic look. With a wide stance, sleek silhouette, long front-hinged hood and short overhangs, the proportions are typical of its class.

High-tech features such as gasoline direct injection, a twin-scroll turbocharger with intercooler, double camshaft phasing and twin counter-rotating balance shafts provide the basis for the 1,998-cm 3 four-cylinder engine`s impressive performance data. Maximum output of 194 kW/260 hp at 5,300 rpm and high torque plateau of 353 Nm (35.9 kh.m) between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm ensure plenty of power in all situations.

For the G2X, engineers designed a classic sporty configuration based on a rigid chassis, wide track (front/rear: 1,543/1,561 mm) and long wheelbase of 2,415 mm. All four wheels are suspended from twin A-arms made from forged aluminum, the center of gravity is low, and the weight distribution of 51:49 percent (front/rear) is well balanced.

An automatic five-speed transmission with limited slip differential efficiently provides propulsion power to the rear wheels. A torque beam between the transmission and rear axle suppresses reactions to acceleration/deceleration effects. All wheels are fitted with large disk brakes, while ABS and ESP (which, like Traction Control, can be switched off) monitor safety.