2007 Edo Competition Porsche 996 Turbo review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 2 May 2007 , 12:05:42 byAlina

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Edo Competition Porsche 996 Turbo

Eco competition developed a performance kit for the Porsche 996 Turbo. Now the model is capable of developing 585 horsepower thanks to the new turbocharger. The tuner offers BMC sport air filter, sport-end pot stainless steel with tri-alloy cat converter and stainless steel tail pipe. Edo competition also offers a sport clutch kit, a front spoiler lip and tail lid 996 GT2.

Increase performance to 585 HP

New Turbocharger

BMC-Sport air filter

Sport-end pot stainless steel with Tri-alloy cat converter

Stainless steel tail pipe

edo competition Sport- brake system - FA:370mm brakepads wit 6-piston-single block-saddle und sports brake lining, RA: 342mm brakepads wit 4-piston- single block-saddle und sports brake lining, steel flex- brake cables

18 inch racing wheel set 3-part with FA : 9.0x18 ET41 with 245/35R18, RA :12x 18 ET45 with 315/30R18, painted wheel rim star and ZV- cap

RDK-tyre pressure control system

Stainless steel threaded chassis adjustable in compression and rebound

Sport clutch kit

Compacted gear change

Front spoiler lip

Front protective grill

Tail lid 996 GT2

Tail aerofoil profile with increased contact pressure

Porsche - CD changer

Porsche - telefone module with light wave cable setup