2007 Hyundai-i30 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 1 March 2007 , 05:03:50 byAlina

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The 2007 Hyundai-i30 is a new C-segment five-door hatchback codenamed FD, which provides an improved fuel consumption and enhanced pedestrian safety. Its main characteristics are cultivated dynamics, a sleek, sophisticated styling, and a generous convenience and safety package. The flowing curves highlight the broad stance and long wheelbase of the FD, while the classic proportions are unified by the clearly defined unbroken waistline. According to Thomas Burkle, Hyundai European Chief Designer, the FD gives its customers a sporty and dynamic styling, maintaining the elegant touch of the Arnejs concept car. The modern understatement is scheduled for launch in the summer of 2007, opening a new chapter for Hyundai in Europe. A new alpha-numerical nomenclature will also be launched by Hyundai along with the FD, displaying a clearer technology-orientation. Code-named HED 4, a concept Crossover Utility Vehicle will be presented by Hyundai at the press conference of the Geneva Motor Show and it offers complex three-dimensional shapes that could not have been achieved with conventional production methods and materials such as metal and glass. The HED 4 innovates with its new curved and moving side glazing in Lexan, while its Elastic Front safety system covers the whole front end of the vehicle, being the world's first global pedestrian protection solution on a CUV.Dissipating the force of a pedestrian/CUV collision, the HED 4's body panels have been designed to work in concert with energy-absorbing systems on the underside of these panels.