2007 Jaguar C-XF Concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 3 January 2007 , 00:01:26 byEmil

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Jaguar C-XF Concept

The new Jaguar C- XF will make its debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Mich. The new concept was designed by the same team that produced the award-winning 2007 Jaguar XK Coupe and Convertible and create a vehicle that presents a confident statement of design purity and possesses a sense of latent power through a look that is dynamic and athletic.

The car combine the modern features with classic: slim-wedged headlamps( the lights are thin and angular producing an aggressive look for the car's profile),the haunch is an unbroken, main feature line that gives the car a sense of power and movement, side power vents, muscular bonnet, tapered tail and deeply recessed front grille, etc. Because the vehicle has a sport design philosophy you can find inside some other special features like: sculpted bucket-style front seats, twin individual rear bucket seats, lightweight, a tall between the seats, central transmission tunnel that gives the occupants a sense of sitting deep within a futuristic cockpit, brushed aluminum fascia wraps around the cabin,etc. The vehicle new technologies blend simplicity of design with practical innovation, a prototype technology which employs motion detecting sensors to activate certain vehicle features, reacts to the sweep of a hand, making it advance yet intuitive. Also the car has a jewel-like Power button that pulses like a heartbeat on the center console and once pushed, aluminum rings lower from the center console to reveal the gear shift knob and when the engine starts a blue light sweeps around the cabin, the entire roofline illuminates with a muted blue light and final blue light shines from the frint grille signifying the car's ignition.

The C-XF is more than a another concept car with a dynamic style and modern design, with an exterior pure and athletic and the interior striking and contemporary .
Ian Callum,Jaguar Director of Design said about the concept of the car: "The Jaguar C-XF concept is the most dynamic and modern four-door car that Jaguar has ever created, a design showcase heralding the next generations of our sports saloon models" and about the car's interior" one of the most exciting interiors Jaguar has ever done".