2007 Jaguar XF review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 7 January 2007 , 10:01:46 byEmil

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Jaguar XF

The 2007 Jaguar XF was developed in Coventry in the UK and the new XF will be built in Birmingham, UK. The carmaker will try to make people think about Jaguar models as daring and different. The XK sports car had a lot of success from the beginning. So, if the XK enjoyed great success, just imagine what the new XF will be capable of doing. The model will be available on different markets at different moments, but deliveries will start on 2008, in the spring. There were around 270.000 units of the Jaguar S-Type sold since it had its world debut in 1998. Sales started the next year. This is the model that will be replaced by the new XF.

The new Jaguar XF 2007 is designed and developed at Jaguar's Product Development Centre at Whitley in Coventry, UK.
The new XF will be built at Jaguar's Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, UK.

Bibiana Boerio, managing director of Jaguar Cars said about this car: "The Jaguar XF is a new sports saloon that will challenge people to think again about Jaguar as daring and different". Bibiana Boerio also continued: "Our new XK sports car has been very well-received and is enjoying great success. We are now moving on to the next stage of Jaguar's exciting new design era -and if you like the new Jaguar XK, just wait until you see the new Jaguar XF!"

Depending on the market the new XF will be delivered to the customers on spring 2008.

Since launch, globally circa 270,000 Jaguar S-TYPEs have been sold. S-Type is the model which will be replaced by the new XF.
The Jaguar S-TYPE made its public debut in 1998 prior to going on sale in 1999.