2007 Alpine Imprint RLS Demo Car based on Mercedes-Benz R500 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 25 June 2007 , 18:06:46 byAlina

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Alpine Imprint RLS Demo Car based on Mercedes-Benz R500

The 2007 Alpine Imprint RLS Demo Car based on the Mercedes-Benz R500 marks the beginning of a new sonic era with a sleek and elegant exterior, completed by a hightech interior. It is a futuristic concept-like car which was designed and developed by Alpine's Advanced Application R&D team. Extreme modifications had to be made in order to breathe life into the RLS and they include gas and brake pedal relocation, thus allowing the driver to drive from either front seat. The unique rotating assembly doors allow doors to swing into the vehicle with the seat attached, thus continuing the Alpine tradition of sophisticated door and seat combinations. The sleek and elegant lines of the body result from massive hours of fiberglass, duraglas, grinding, primering and sanding. The luminous effect of the car is given by the Carrizma Candy Cherry Cola paint, giving the impression that the IMPRINT RLS dances depending on how much light shines on it. Italian leather and rich Burl Wood inserts define the high-quality interior, which was strictly designed to house the best sound possible with IMPRINT sound technology. Alpine IMPRINT sound architecture is truly demonstrated by the sound quality inside, despite the special looks which turn heads. Four SPX-1043D subwoofers, which please all listeners, SPX-17REF component speakers arranged in a D`Appolito configuration and motorized PDX amplifiers, are the main components of the sound system's supporting cast.