2007 Mercedes-Benz 300SL 1957 by Bo Zolland review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 2 December 2006 , 07:12:37 byEmil

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Mercedes-Benz 300SL 1957 by Bo Zolland

On this car i have redesigned almost all body parts and its lower, wider and got more angle in windows, thinner original looks bumpers, original looks lights, grille etc etc, and the mission was to keep original looks, just modernize them. The body is 25 cm longer and 19 cm wider that original. The car will have a wrecked donor 2005 E-Class AMG 55 for chassis and components. Rims are BBS 19 and 20ยด This will give the car a modern performance and safety appeal, with navi, airbags, AC etc. Only done exterior, interior will be done by others in original style. You can expect the same performance as an E class AMG 55.

Designer Bo Zolland