2007 Nissan Skyline 250GT Type P review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 2 April 2007 , 03:04:50 byAlina

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Nissan Skyline 250GT Type P

The 2007 Nissan Skyline 250GT Type P boasts an exterior design which expresses only dynamic rhythm, completed by fluid lines which beautifully combine with a sleek aerodynamic and sporty-look. As compared to its predecessor, it appears as 20mm lower and 20mm wider. Enhancing the rear wheel drive proportions, the car model comprises sharply raked A-pillar and a forward-leaning roofline. The body-side spoiler and exclusive front bumper add to the sporty appearance of the car. The superb craftsmanship of the interior is reinforced by the attention to detail, beginning with the driver-centric design of the front dashboard and center stack. Washi, the traditional Japanese rice paper has served as inspiration for the aluminum trim finish with its texture, while the refinement of the leather-wrapped steering wheel adds to the excitement and driving pleasure. The cockpit is driver-oriented featuring sporty seats, ensuring comfort and tireless driving in either long-distance touring or day-to-day traffic. A choice of five different interior color combinations is available in order to meet all customers' tastes. The increased engine power, the safety, the environmental friendliness, comfort as well as superior driving performance, were the main areas on which engineers focused when developing the new Skyline. The newly developed VQ35HR and VQ25HR V6 engines power the Skyline, mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, incorporating adaptive shift control, thus giving the driver full control of the power generated by the new engine. The Skyline has the impressive ability of responding to the driver's comand in different driving situations, such as supreme handling for mountain road conditions, stability for highways and comfort for city driving. Minimising the effects of road vibrations, Nissan's advanced technologies ensure control of the vibration characteristics of the suspensions, mounts and body. The active safety features of the car protect the driver and passengers through the reinforced cabin and the Pedestrian protection reduces the impact to the head and lower limb.