2007 Nissan Skyline 350GT 12th Generation review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 21 November 2006 , 00:11:03 byEmil

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Nissan Skyline 350GT 12th Generation

The 2007 Nissan Skyline 350GT 12th Generation offers its customers all-new exterior and interior designs together with newly developed VQ35HR V6 engine. "Attraction, sophistication and high-performance driving" was the concept under which the new Skyline was developed. Expressing dynamic rhythm, the all-new Skyline features fluid lines, completed by an aerodynamic look. Its dimensions consist of a 20mm lower height, an overall wider width by 20mm as compared to its V35 predecessor. Enhancing rear wheel drive proportions, the dynamic motion of the car is also expressed by the fluidly curving character line wrapping around the rear wheel arches, the forward-leaning roofline, the sharply raked A-pillar and the longer nose. The high-performance image is emphasized by the double exhaust tips, while the new L-shaped tail lamps beautifully blend with the integrated spoiler for the rear trunk. New headlamps and front-grille were added to the front hood. The interior is driver-oriented, featuring high-quality materials, beginning with the cockpit and ending with the dashboard and center stack. Providing a more sporty drive position, the seats are 27mm lower, while a greater margin for adjustment is available on the seats and the steering wheel. Tireless driving in either daily traffic or long-distance touring is ensured by the support offered by the front seat. Environmental friendliness, safety, comfort, superior balance and increased engine power, were the key areas on which the engineers focused when developing the new Skyline. The newly developed VQ35HR and VQ25HR V6 engines produce an impressive output of 315 HP and 36.5kgm of torque for the 3.5-liter version and 225 HP and 26.8 kgm of torque for the 2.5-liter version. A five-speed automatic transmission featuring adaptive shift control matches the powerplant, giving the driver full control of the power generated by the new engine. The world's first four-wheel active steering system is unique for the Skyline, allowing greater control at low and medium speeds, and smooth effortless cruising at higher speeds.