2007 Volkswagen FAW Bora HS 1.6 Chinese Version review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 9 December 2006 , 12:12:04 byEmil

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Volkswagen FAW Bora HS 1.6 Chinese Version

In the classic and extremely successful mid-class the Volkswagen Group China is presenting the new Bora HS. Based on the popular sedan and most successful car in the world, the Golf, an especially dynamic hatchback version was created here, which among other things is impressive with its exceptionally good handling characteristics and practical rear hatch.


The new Bora HS conveys strength and dynamics. The rear of the car, which has a more compact hatch in the style of the Golf compared to the sedan, conveys an exceptionally powerful image. At the front of the car the hatchback version is characterized by the succinct, refined and typical V-shaped Volkswagen front grille with chrome cross struts and arranged next to them the distinctive dual round headlamps. The distinctive body design, homogeneous line styling and narrow gap sizes also emphasize solidity and elegance. The powerful appearance of the new Bora HS is supported by a wide track, massive bumpers and prominent wheel cutouts.


The body of the new Bora HS not only looks powerful, dynamic and compact; it is also produced under strict quality standards. Production technologies like laser welding give the car body stiffness, which would otherwise only be achievable in the luxury car segment. This high torsional body stiffness offers two advantages: For one, it prevents twisting and resonant movements of the body and resulting noise. For another, this is the only way to achieve the very narrow gap dimensions at the doors and lids of the Bora HS. Driving behavior and dynamics of the new Bora Hatchback also benefit from this.

Engineers gave much thought to designing the body structure of the Bora so that as much energy as possible could be absorbed by the deformation zones in the event of a crash impact. Stiffening features were integrated in the roof pillars, and in doors and sills, and this assures the greatest possible safety for occupants in a side collision.

The spacious, elegant interior of the Bora HS with carefully matched fabrics and materials creates a special atmosphere. All plastics in the interior are enhanced by soft paint. The overall impression is one of a high quality and inviting interior. Another example of this is the elegantly designed gearshift panel with louvered air vents, which when closed form a smooth and visually clean surface. The instrument panel with its finely textured surface defines the cockpit environment with its round instruments.


The front axle consists of a modified McPherson suspension strut with coil springs and independent wheel suspension at the lower wishbones. The rear wheels are guided by the proven semi-independent suspension. Precise tuning of springs and dampers together with anti-vibration mounts on the rear axle and large wheels deliver good ride comfort.