2007 VW Passat BlueMotion review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 12 February 2007 , 12:02:44 byAlina

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VW Passat BlueMotion

Low fuel consumption: Passat BlueMotion consumes just 5.1 litres of diesel over 100 km. It just keeps running: Passat BlueMotion with 1,350 km range.

The new Passat BlueMotion - no other vehicle of its size consumes less fuel. The saloon needs exactly 5.1 litres of diesel for 100 km. And just as convincing: a CO2 emission level of just 136 g/km. The world premiere of the Passat BlueMotion is 6th March at the Geneva Motor Show.

With the new Passat BlueMotion, Volkswagen is forcing ahead with the launch of vehicles that are particularly efficient and environmentally friendly. The first BlueMotion model was the Polo in the summer of 2006- an immediate success and its production figures have already been increased threefold due to the high demand throughout Europe. "BlueMotion" is now the seal of quality for a model version with the lowest rate of fuel consumption.

With reference to the new Passat BlueMotion this means: an average of 5.1 litres of diesel over 100 kilometres. The Passat Estate BlueMotion needs 5.2 litres (137 g/km) - also a top value, even in comparison to vehicles worldwide. Both body versions have a driving range of up to 1,350 kilometres with a full tank! With an average annual distance driven of 15,000 kilometres, this means that the driver only needs to refuel eleven times a year with an average of 68 Euro* in fuel costs per month.

Volkswagen can achieve such low consumption figures through the fine tuning of the engine, which was already extremely efficient. In this case a 77 kW / 105 bhp TDI engine with a diesel particulate filter fitted as standard. This fuel efficiency does not, however, reduce levels of agility. The Passat BlueMotion can accelerate up to 193 km/h (Estate: 190 km/h) if required. That is an element of the BlueMotion philosophy: fuel efficiency and agility in a combination that still makes driving fun.