2007 VW Touareg V8 FSI review and pictures

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VW Touareg V8 FSI

Within just 4 years about 300000 car drivers worldwide chose to drive a new VW Touareg. Right out of the gate the Volkswagen advanced to become one of the most successful luxury SUVs ever. In the USA the Touareg wrote history as the first diesel SUV with standard particulate filter, and in Japan its honors included being voted best SUV of the year. And not just in Asia, but on all continents the bestseller offered with innovative five, six, eight, ten and twelve cylinder engines has been lauded with award after award.

Touareg proves its qualities in expeditions around the world

Globetrotter. On countless expeditions the automotive globetrotter has circled the world, setting numerous records along the way. In Chile for example the Touareg climbed to the highest volcano on earth at 6,080 meters altitude, the highest peak ever climbed by any production car. And as a service vehicle in the legendary "Dakar" rally race the production model Touareg sweeps thousands of kilometers across the Sahara, year after year, to support the "Touareg Race". No other SUV has won the hearts of such a large community of car fans in such a comparably short period of time as the Touareg. Now this is being follows up by an advanced, newly developed generation of the bestseller.

2,300 new parts

New front end. The Touareg, featuring more than 2,300 newly developed parts, has a different look than the previous model that includes a completely modified front end with insignia grille in chrome look and very distinctive headlamps as well as new wheels and colors. In addition, the interior has been refined by two seating systems with new visual and ergonomic designs.

First Volkswagen with V8 FSI

Strong gasoline engine: The Touareg is the first Volkswagen to offer an eight cylinder direct-injection engine (V8 FSI, 257 kW / 350 HP). The new 32-valve V8 (V-angle of cylinder banks: 90°) develops a substantial torque of 440 Newton-meter (at 3,500 rpm) and attains a top speed of up to 244 km/h (with air suspension). The power level below the new V8 FSI is occupied by another gasoline direct-injection engine: The V6 FSI at 206 kW / 280 HP that is closely related technically. Beginning in the second half of 2007 the new Touareg will also be offered with the W12 engine through Volkswagen Individual; this exceptional engine delivers 331 kW / 450 HP.

Powerful diesel. As one of the leading producers of diesel engines worldwide Volkswagen is naturally also offering innovative TDI engines for the new Touareg. All TDIs for the SUV are equipped with a standard diesel particulate filter (DPF). The three turbo-diesel direct-injection engines offer power outputs of 128 kW / 174 HP (R5 TDI), 165 kW / 225 HP (V6 TDI) and 230 kW / 313 HP (V10 TDI).

High-end technologies for optimized safety

ABSplus. One innovation is the ABSplus system developed and patented by Volkswagen. The standard system can shorten the Touareg's braking distance on loose surfaces - i.e. especially in off-road duty - by up to 20 percent! A clear gain in safety.

Automatic Cruise Control ACC. No less innovative is the Automatic Cruise Control system (ACC) with new Follow-to-Stop function. ACC automatically brakes and accelerates the car up to a vehicle speed defined by the driver. The system now being implemented in the Touareg can brake the car to a full stop if required by the traffic situation.

Front Scan environment monitoring system. Another technological highlight is the Front Scan function integrated in automatic distance control. Front Scan serves to prevent collisions. The system uses a radar sensor to monitor distances to other cars in traffic ahead of the Touareg. When the car approaches another vehicle too closely the system informs the driver in two stages. Simultaneously, the vehicle is prepared for possible hard braking by the driver. The system preventatively "arms" the brakes in advance of certain situations, thereby acting as a means of stopping distance reduction (AWV).

Side Scan Lane Change Assistant. Another driver assistance system that is being offered in the new Touareg generation and for the first time on a Volkswagen is Side Scan Lane Change Assistance. This system monitors areas behind and next to the Touareg and informs the driver of potential risk of collision via an indicator lamp in the outside mirrors.

Driving dynamics package with roll compensation. For the first time, models with air suspension can be equipped with an innovative sport chassis. The so-called driving dynamics package with roll compensation supplements the already existing "Sport" mode of the manual and automatically controllable air suspension by adding a stiffer spring characteristic. The system counteracts body roll of the car when cornering by actuating the electronically controlled dampers.

Dynaudio sound system. High-end in the entertainment area too: Effective immediately the Touareg can be equipped with a powerful 600 Watt sound system from the Danish hi-fi specialist Dynaudio. The sound system was developed jointly by Volkswagen and Dynaudio.

Instruments. A new instrument cluster with a large multifunctional display provides a clearer, more detailed and now multicolor display of information.

Chassis with steel or air suspension

Comfortable and sporty. The double wishbone configurations at the front and rear axles with subframes for acoustic isolation guarantee the noise and comfort levels of a luxury sedan; additionally precise wheel location delivers remarkably good driving precision. Air suspension that is standard on the Touareg V10 TDI and W12 offers an extraordinarily high level of ride comfort with its continuous, speed-dependent electronic damping control. Off-road the air suspension also provides for exceptional ground clearance. Air suspension is also available on five, six and eight cylinder models as an option.

All-wheel drive and six-speed gearbox

Power distribution. The Touareg is shifted by six-speed gearboxes, either manual or automatic depending on the engine variant. Power is transmitted to the 4XMOTION all-wheel drive via a transfer case with switched extra low off-road gearing. There the power is transmitted through front axle, rear axle and center differentials. The center differential has a standard lock; on the rear axle differential locking is a special option. In the normal case, under balanced power and roadway conditions, the power distribution is 50:50. Depending on the driving situation up to 100 percent of the propulsive power may be transmitted to just one of the two axles. An electronic differential lock (EDS) acting on all four wheels enables fine distribution of propulsive power.