2008 Alfa Romeo Mi.To review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 20 June 2008 , 01:06:04 byVeronica

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Alfa Romeo Mi.To

Alfa Romeo will launch the MiTo in July, a strong compact car with dominion of the road and an emphatic personality of its own. The mechanical features are complemented by the latest new products in the field of electronics. We will start with the DNA device that the compact Alfa Romeo introduces for the first time in its sector. This control acts on the engine, brakes, steering, suspension and transmission, allowing three different vehicle behaviors modes based on the driving style best suited to the situation or customer: Dynamic, Normal and All Weather. Next, we have the Q2 Electronic system that acts only on the brakes to guarantee the effect of a self-locking differential. The new Alfa Romeo MiTo adopts another state-of-the-art electronic device for maximum handling, the Dynamic Steering Torque system that complements the electronic power steering as part of the Vehicle Dynamic Control system. The engines available at launch will be the 1.4-liter Turbo-petrol capable of generating 155 BHP, the 1.6-liter JTDM capable of producing 120 BHP and an aspirated 1.4-liter engine which can produce a limited output of 78 BHP. All will use a 6-speed manual transmission to send the power to the road. Multiair technology is an innovative electronic intake valve control system that meters the air delivered to the chamber during each combustion cycle without having to use a conventional throttle valve, cutting fuel consumption and improving engine response. The secret is a small oil chamber located between the cam and the intake valve. The Alfa Romeo MiTo was built to obtain maximum EuroNCAP rating in the future and this is why the new model reveals the most sophisticated electronic devices for control of vehicle dynamic safety. The model will also offer total protection for driver and passengers, as evidenced by 7 airbags provided as standard. It is also able to offer the most advanced devices and systems in the in-car entertainment field due to its cooperation with the very best partners in each sector.