2008 Audi R8 review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 19 January 2007 , 11:01:17 byAlina

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Audi R8

The 2008 Audi R8 is mainly characterized by an impressive design, a very high technology and a unique road behaviour, due to its aluminum space-frame body, four wheel drive and a 420 bhp V8 FSI engine Quattro. Its 62 victories from 79 all over the world together with the five wins in the Le Mans 24 Hours, make the new Audi R8 the most successful model. Its great succes is partly the result of the high-reviving V8 engine which comprises the sequential gearbox with steering wheel control as well as the FSI petrol direct injection. Its even design parallels are obvious especially when the car cuts its way through the air at very high speeds. Hugging the road with its wide and full shape, the R8 shows its real potential through accentuated wheel arches, imposing proportions and substantial air apertures. As a premiere for Audi, the four rings which distinguish the brand from its competitors are not placed over the grille, but on the lid above it. Another main trait of Audi are the sparing, yet precise lines together with the curved arc of the roof. The elaborate design of the lights shows the passion put by Audi engineers when accomplishing their job as the daytime running lights incorporate twelve light-emitting diodes, while the R8 receives an unmistakable frontal aspect thanks to the standard bi-xenon headlights. The luxurious standard of motor racing atmosphere is provided by the interior, which boasts a sporty design and the expansive arc which runs around the steering wheel and instruments, further enhances the sporty character of the car. The surfaces of the driving area and door trims are meticulously trimmed, with neatly finished decorative seams. The bucket seats have been developed and designed specially for the R8 and represent a unique mixture of uncompromising sportiness and unflinching everyday suitability. Although it is a sports car, it is extremely spacious due to the generous wheelbase of 2.65 metres. The Audi Space Frame body, made from aluminium, ensures the low weight of only 210 kilograms, and thus results in superior road performance and rigidity. Unlike many other sports cars, the body produces downforce as the aerodynamic experts at Audi have done an impressive and thorough work.