2008 Bentley Brooklands review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 14 June 2007 , 10:06:55 byAlina

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Bentley Brooklands

The 2008 Bentley Brooklands was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March and managed to catch the attention of all enthusiasts as the first year's production of this luxury coupe has already sold out. Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, Bentley`s Chairman and Chief Executive, stated that the interest in Brooklands since its debut had exceeded all their expectations and it would definitely become a collectors's classic, marking a return to Bentley's heartland. It is unique and provides an extremely spacious cabin, while the sleek and sporting stance is the result of the low, fast roofline featuring dramatically raked front and rear screens together with muscular lines. Power is transmitted by the twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter engine, which delivers an impressive output of 530 bhp and 1050 Nm of peak torque.It reaches the 0-60 mph sprint in 5.0 seconds with a maximum speed of 296 km/h. The V8 engine is mated to a six-speed transmission with locking torque converter that provides an instantaneous response to the driver`s demands. Brian Gush, Director, Chassis and Powertrain, explained the philosophy behind the record outputs, saying that their main objective was to unlock the power potential of the amazingly flexible V8, allowing it to breathe more efficiently. 42 exterior paints are available, thus giving the customers the possibility to choose a vehicle that best fitted their taste. Automatic ride height control featuring auto load compensation, electro-hydraulic dampers, computer-controlled adaptive and coil springs, are employed by the double-wishbone suspension, delivering great body control while cornering, braking and acceleration. The active safety features include Electronic Brake Pressure Distribution, Hydraulic Brake Assist and Park Distance Control. The effect of the Brooklands is contemporary, but it remains an unmistakeable Bentley.