2008 Chevrolet Corvette 30th Anniversary Pace Car review and pictures

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Chevrolet Corvette 30th Anniversary Pace Car

Commemorating one of the most recognizable Indianapolis 500 pace cars, the Corvette 30th Anniversary Pace Car features a black exterior with silver graphics that honors the 1978 model â€" the production replicas of which became instant collectibles and continue to stand as an iconic symbol of Corvette’s heritage at the front of the Indy field.

In addition to the exterior color scheme, the anniversary models are equipped with a special, two-tone titanium-color interior, with the Indianapolis 500 logo embroidered on the seats. Coupe and convertible models are available. Each replica will be personally signed and numbered by Emerson Fittipaldi.

Both the coupe and convertible come equipped with Corvette’s 3LT option package, Z51 performance package and dual-mode exhaust. Additional features include:

Choice of six-speed manual or six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmissions

LS3 small block V8 with 436 hp

New-for-2008 forged chrome five-spoke aluminum wheels

Corvette Z06 rear spoiler

Silver checkered flag graphics

Indy 500 logo fender badges

Corvette at Indy

The 2008 edition of the Indianapolis 500 represents Corvette’s 10th time as the official pace car â€" and a record fifth-consecutive year â€" and Chevrolet’s 19th time as the manufacturer selected to lead the field. Corvette’s pace years and details include:

1978 â€" Driven by 1960 race winner Jim Rathmann; Chevrolet produced 6,502 production replicas

1986 â€" Driven by famed pilot Chuck Yeager; all 7,315 production convertibles were considered pace car convertibles and included official graphics (to be installed at the owner’s discretion)

1995 â€" Driven by then Chevrolet General Manager Jim Perkins; 527 production replicas produced

1998 â€" Driven by 1963 race winner Parnelli Jones when an injury prevented golfer Greg Norman from performing the duty; 1,158 production replicas produced

2002 â€" Driven by actor Jim Caviezel; no production replicas produced but graphics were available through SPO â€" approximately 300 sets sold

2004 â€" Driven by actor Morgan Freeman; no production replicas produced

2005 â€" Driven by General Colin Powell; no production replicas produced

2006 â€" Driven by cycling champion Lance Armstrong; first Corvette Z06 pace car; no production replicas produced

2007 â€" Driven by actor Patrick Dempsey; 500 production replicas â€" all convertibles

2008 â€" Driven by Emerson Fittipaldi; 500 production replicas â€" coupes and convertibles