2008 GT by Citroen review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 3 October 2008 , 09:10:20 byVeronica

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GT by Citroen

The determined look of the front end of the GT by Citroen is enhanced by wide air intakes and clear-cut horizontal headlamps. These feature penetrating blue LEDs in order to light the road in a very effective way and to keep rivals away. The identity of the marque is being expressed by the chrome chevrons from the smooth bonnet. The aim is for the driver to be able to concentrate on the road, assisted by a head-up display clearly displaying driving information. The model features carbon rearview mirrors on the supports which appear to be suspended as if to cleave the air. The windscreen flows into the roof and on into the rear mobile airfoil with its exaggeratedly long shape. The lines create the impression of a car in perpetual movement. In the end, the whole body expresses performance and continuous movement. Its dynamic and powerful style is also being confirmed by the interior design. Upholstered in black leather with subtle touches of rare materials such as copper and steel, the cabin of the GT by Citroen enfolds the driver and passenger for exceptional driving sensations. The elegant seats are a perfect fit with the rest of the interior. The design was objectively guided by the motivation to win. The dashboard flows into the receding lines of an imposing copper sculpture. Created in a twist of this cooper sculpture, the leather-and-steel steering wheel also reflects the sporting spirit of the cabin. Special emphasis was placed on the aerodynamics and flowing design of the GT by Citroen. The racing car features innovative equipment such as enlarged air intakes at the front, a flat underside and a mobile spoiler and air diffuser at the rear. All these features play an active role in reducing lift and above all, drag, to pin the car to the ground. This seems to the best environmental technology.