2008 Cirbin V13R review and pictures

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Cirbin V13R

CIRBIN developed the V13R and revealed it at the SEMA Show on October 2007. The focusing points were the fun design, styling and performing a 3-wheel vehicle. Well, they got theirs, because the V13R is all these and more. Only for a little while, the model will cost $39.995 and will be available at dealers across the USA and Canada by the spring of 2008.

CIRBIN is proud to announce that the new V13R® has been launched at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 30th 2007.
CIRBIN main focus is on the design and manufacturing of fun, stylish and performing 3-wheels vehicles that provide their owner sheer fun and a great riding experience.
The new V13R® delivers just that.
Its soul inspiring sound and acceleration provided by the Harley-Davidson® liquid cooled V-Twin engine can put a smile on your face for miles and miles. Designed to be a little Hot Rod with great appeal, the V13R® will make everybody`s head turn when you drive by.
The V13R® is a reverse trike, which means it has two front wheels and an oversize propulsion wheel at the rear. The Harley-Davidson® engine unleashes awesome torque and horsepower. The low center of gravity and weight distribution deliver maximum traction and great handling. It all adds up to a three-wheel drive with one sole purpose: pure fun.
Both powerful and powerfully seductive, the V13R® is flair on wheels, complete with its own signature engine purr and roar. It`s where hot rod culture meets mainstream culture. This is why there`s no hot-rod like a V13R®.

For a limited time, the V13R® starts at 39,995$ and will be available at dealers across the USA and Canada by the spring of 2008.

CIRBIN INC is a company that designs and manufactures three-wheel vehicles commonly known as reverse trike. The cofounders of this innovative Canadian company are André Morissette (president) and David Neault (vice-president). Together, they have translated their love for recreational vehicles into three-wheel machines that are as exciting to ride and easy to handle. Their first incarnation is the road savvy V13R®.


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Cirbin V13R