2008 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 23 July 2008 , 01:07:17 byVeronica

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Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

Ford`s new range of super frugal ECOnetic models showcased at this year`s British International Motor Show is leading the company`s bid to cut UK CO2 emissions by over 80,000 tonnes.

Independent industry analysis shows that if customers continue their move into lower CO2 and higher mpg Ford models, 83,818 tonnes of CO2 a year would be avoided â€" equivalent to annual emissions from around 13,000 homes.

Leading eco motoring website, www.cleangreencars.co.uk, calculated the environmental effect of all Ford buyers switching to the lowest CO2 model in the current range without downsizing.

Today`s launch of the 76.3mpg Fiesta ECOnetic, producing 98g CO2/km, hands the title of UK`s greenest car to Ford. Its potential impact based on Cleangreencars` calculations would be to remove a further 10,750 tonnes of CO2 if chosen by all new Ford Fiesta buyers so far this year.

The new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic joins the Ford Focus ECOnetic, which went on sale earlier this year and achieves CO2 emissions of 115g/km and fuel consumption of 65.6mpg (combined cycle). The Ford Mondeo ECOnetic went on sale this month and offers large car comfort combined with fuel economy of over 53mpg and CO2 of 139g/km.

Cleangreencars` figures were based on all Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo customers opting for ECOnetic models within the same range â€" and drivers of other models choosing the most fuel efficient Ford in the range. The company`s car sales of 236,636 across nine segments in the first half of the year were multiplied by the segment`s average Ford CO2 and compared with the best available from ECOnetics and other green Fords over 10,000 miles.

Roelant de Waard, Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, said: "This research shows the full potential of an accelerating trend towards greener motoring. In the first half of this year, we have seen a 38 per cent rise in sales of all Fords achieving under 120g CO2. Thanks to Cleangreencars we`ve seen what could happen if this swing continues within each of our model ranges."

The Cleangreencars website lists three Ford Focus models including ECOnetics in its top five small family cars based on eco friendly credentials. The 44mpg Ford Kuga, with 169g CO2, is named its cleanest greenest 4x4 and Ford Mondeo ECOnetic is shortlisted as an eco large family car.

Jay Nagley, website publisher, said: "Cleangreencars has criticised car manufacturers for not reducing CO2 emissions quickly enough â€" and will continue to do so. However, these figures show that consumers can also play their part: when car manufacturers make lower CO2 cars available, consumers are able to choose accordingly.”

At the same time that the Fiesta ECOnetic is being launched, Ford is announcing that all Ford dealerships in the UK will offer service customers the option of offsetting their vehicles` CO2 from September this year. Ford will be the first auto manufacturer in the UK to launch this initiative spanning service intervals based on engine size and mileage. CO2 will be offset via BP`s Targetneutral scheme.