2008 Honda Accord review and pictures

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Honda Accord

The 2008 Honda Accord is available as a Sedan or as a Coupe. The model is powered by a 3.5-liter i-VTEC V6 engine that is able to produce 273 horsepower. The power is being sent to the wheels through a 5-speed automatic gearbox offering a 19/29 mpg fuel economy. The Coupe version has the same engine, but the fuel economy is 16/25 mpg, but uses VTEC for enhanced low-rpm and mid-rpm torque. Another engine is also available: the 2.4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower (Coupe LX-S) or 180 horsepower (Sedan LX) with 21/31 mpg fuel economy. The power is being sent to the wheels through a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic, or a 6-speed manual. Durability, safety, quality and reliability are some of the words that characterize the new Honda Accord. The model has been one of the top five best-selling vehicles in the US for almost two decades now and the sedan market has reached sales of around 2.000.000 units.

• Available as a Sedan (moves from the EPA Midsize just into the EPA Large classification) or Coupe (Compact).
• Styling embodies a bold, upscale, sophisticated and prestigious design direction.
• Available 3.5-liter i-VTEC V-6 engine with 273 horsepower and 5-speed automatic transmission introduces Honda`s next-generation Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology for EPA City/Highway fuel economy of 19/29 mpg (Sedan).
• Accord Coupe V-6 with 6-speed manual transmission uses a unique variant of the 3.5-liter V-6 that also produces 273 peak horsepower, but features VTEC for enhanced low- and mid-rpm torque. EPA City/Highway fuel economy is 16/25 mpg1.
• 2.4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine is available with 200 horsepower (Coupe LX-S and all EX and EX-L models) or 180 horsepower (Sedan LX and LX-P) and EPA City/Highway fuel economy of 21/31 mpg (Sedan).
• Available transmissions are 5-speed manual (4-cylinder only) or 5-speed automatic (all) and 6-speed manual (V-6 Coupe only).
• Standard safety equipment includes Honda`s exclusive Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), side-curtain airbags, new dual-chamber front side airbags, active front head restraints and pedestrian safety features.
• All models and trim levels except the four-cylinder with 5-speed manual transmission and Coupe V-6 with 6-speed manual transmission meet stringent PZEV emissions regulations in regions that adhere to California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.
• Premium features (navigation, interface dial, Bluetooth, information display) and overall refinement (solid driving feel) on par with vehicles one and even two classes above the Accord`s segment.
• Overall packaging improvements result in a 0.7-inch lower center of gravity.

The 2008 Accord comes to market as the most powerful Honda model ever. It has also grown larger to meet the needs of an audience that values hospitality with "equal" front and rear seating comfort for four adults - while also maintaining or improving its fuel economy, lowering its emissions and building on its reputation as a class leader. From a pure performance standpoint, the Accord`s 273-horsepower V-6 engine provides acceleration on par with luxury vehicles from classes outside of the segment.

Dynamically, the Accord engages the driver with a refined and rewarding performance feel, yet ride comfort remains equally impressive for passengers. Furthermore, the level of standard equipment and premium features allow customers to create an environment that matches 21st century expectations. Ultimately, the 2008 Accord adds more emotion and style to the model`s smart-to-own foundation in an all-out effort to genuinely deliver on the promise of an "evolution of the best" with one of North America`s favorite cars.

The Accord DNA _The Accord has always occupied an extremely important position within Honda and within the automotive marketplace. It is more than just the company`s flagship passenger car from engineering and sales standpoints. Reliable, safety-oriented and efficient, the Accord is also the most comprehensive expression of Honda`s DNA worldwide.

More than anything else, the Honda Accord stands for:
• Fun-to-Drive - The 2008 Accord model range introduces Honda`s most powerful passenger-car engine in North America, and its double-wishbone front suspension provides a solid feel unlike anything in its class.
• Durability, quality and reliability (DQR) -Year in and year out, the Accord is consistently a high scorer in initial and long-term quality studies.
• Safety - With Honda`s Safety for Everyone initiative, every trim level of the 2008 Accord contains an extensive range of safety technologies, from its Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure to its airbag systems and active front seat head restraints.
• Value -Strong Honda resale value and low maintenance costs help make the Accord historically smart-to-own in the long run as referenced by leading industry resources.
• Versatility - With a new interior that is 3.3 cu-ft. larger than before, the Accord Sedan offers more roominess and comfort than ever. The Accord Sedan`s expansive interior volume of 120.0 cu-ft. moves it just into the EPA Large Sedan category for 2008.
• Environmental - Honda has the highest Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) ratings in America . The 2008 Accord, with two new 4-cylinder engines and two new V-6 versions, is more fuel-efficient . In addition, the Accord meets stringent PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) standards in states using that standard.

2008 Accord Advancements_As Honda`s highest-volume seller in the U.S., by necessity Accord strives to deliver exceptional feature content including outstanding driving qualities, a high level of interior comfort and convenience features, consummate DQR, and the benefits of Honda`s Safety for Everyone initiative. By design, the Accord Coupe is free to connect with a select range of customers that place a high value on sporty style and driving excitement. Stylistically as well as dynamically, the Accord Coupe distances itself from the Accord Sedan to satisfy more enthusiastic drivers with a unique set of attributes all its own.

Key Accord Sedan and Coupe Advancements Include:
• Safety - First Accord to receive Honda`s revolutionary ACE™ body structure.
• Engineering - New features include a lower floor, a dynamic engine mounting system, a lower center of gravity and Variable Gear Ratio (VGR) steering.
• Quality - Raising the bar on Accord`s legendary DQR.
• Top-of-class power - The most ever for a Honda V-6 and an Accord four-cylinder.
• Excellent fuel efficiency - The most ever for a conventional Honda V-6.
• Best emissions performance - First vehicle to offer four-cylinder and V-6 models that both meet PZEV standards.

Additional firsts for Accord Include:
• First 100% use of four-wheel disc brakes across the entire model range.
• First use of Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) on all models.
• Largest fuel tank (18.5 gallons).
• First 100% use of steering-wheel audio controls across the entire model range.
• First Accord to offer a power lumbar support, auto-dimming inside mirror, compass, multi-line display CD/MP3 player, auxiliary-input jack and subwoofer.

Specific Accord Sedan Benchmarks Include:
• Best in class and largest interior volume in Accord history - now classified as an EPA Large Sedan, Accord Sedan is by definition roomier than any Midsize competitor.
• First use of Active Noise Control (ANC) in a non-hybrid Accord._• First use of 17-inch wheels on four-cylinder Accord.

Specific Accord Coupe Benchmarks Include:
• Aggressive and emotional new body style.
• First use of Active Noise Control (ANC) in a non-hybrid Accord.
• 18-inch wheels and tires - the largest ever offered on a Honda car.

Durability, Quality and Reliability _For many customers the Durability, Quality and Reliability (DQR) of the Honda Accord is what keeps them returning generation after generation. These fine qualities - and the resale or trade-in value they engender for the Accord - become a powerful purchase incentive. Virtually every major company that studies vehicle residual value have shown that the Accord typically has one of the highest residual values in the industry. As an end result, a high residual or resale value makes the true cost of ownership less than many lower-priced competitors.

Market Position
The Accord has consistently been one of the top five best-selling vehicles in the U.S. for nearly two decades. As Honda`s best-selling vehicle in U.S., Accord is the bedrock of the company. The sedan market in the U.S. is consistently strong, with annual sales in the neighborhood of 2,000,000 units, with Accord accounting for nearly one-fifth of all Midsize vehicles sold. Accord appeals directly to two of the growing segments in the automotive market - young couples and empty nesters. As these people seek sophistication and fun combined with great resale value and quality in their vehicles, Accord meets their needs and desires. At the same time it appeals to the more practical virtues of a great family vehicle.

In contrast, the Accord Coupe has historically appealed to singles, young couples without children and "empty nesters" that want to capture the spirit of driving that a coupe provides. Today`s sports-coupe buyers want even more emphasis on sportiness and that is the reason why the 2008 Accord Coupe so visibly stands apart from the sedan - both visually and in handling performance.

Primary Competitive Set
Though the Accord Sedan has just over 120 cu-ft. total interior volume and is classified as a Large sedan by the EPA, its prime competition remains in the upper end of the EPA Midsize class.

The Midsize sedan segment is one of the most competitive in the entire automotive field with more than 20 unique model lines from manufacturers large and small all vying for customers` attention. With top-selling products achieving sales figures in the neighborhood of 400,000 units per year, broad appeal is essential to success. Likewise, design, engineering and quality must reach the highest standards. As with products across the auto industry, buyer expectations for Midsize sedans are evolving to favor products with more interior room and personality. _The primary competitors to the 2008 Honda Accord are the Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima. The Accord Sedan is well positioned to compete with these vehicles with its expansive interior, more daring styling, excellent driving character, overall quality and high levels of safety. Beyond its direct competitors, the Accord Sedan also competes with a secondary set that includes the Nissan Maxima and Toyota Avalon. The primary competitor for the Accord Coupe is the Nissan Altima Coupe and Toyota Solara.

"Safety for Everyone"
Through a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety, Honda seeks to provide a high level of occupant and pedestrian protection in all of its cars and trucks, regardless of size or price, as well as increased compatibility with other vehicles as part of the Safety for Everyone initiative introduced in 2003.

Consistent with the Safety for Everyone initiative, every 2008 Accord integrates sophisticated safety technology that includes the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure and dual-stage, dual-threshold driver`s and front passenger`s airbags (SRS); driver`s and front passenger`s dual-chamber side airbags; and side curtain airbags. The ACE body structure enhances frontal collision energy management through a network of load-bearing front frame structures designed to improve the likelihood for two vehicles to connect during a frontal collision in such a way as to absorb more crash energy compared to a conventional design. _Advanced Safety Technology_Every 2008 Accord incorporates newly-designed side-curtain airbags and dual-chamber front- side airbags with a passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS), along with active head restraints that are designed to reduce the severity of neck injury in the event of a rear collision. Additional standard safety features include dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags, an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Brake Assist, front seatbelts with pre-tensioners and load limiters, and a pedestrian safety design in the front of the vehicle. Passenger-side seatbelt reminders and daytime running lights are also standard equipment.

2008 Accord safety features include:
Standard active safety systems:
• 4-wheel disc brakes with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist
• Standard Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA ®) with traction control (Electronic Stability Control)
• Standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Standard passive safety systems:
• ACE™ compatibility body
• Dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags
• Side-curtain airbags for all outboard occupants
• Dual-chamber front-seat side airbags with OPDS
• Active front seat head restraints
• 3-point seatbelts at all positions
• Front seatbelt load limiters and pretensioners
• Head restraints for all occupants
• Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) system (rear seat only)

Trim Levels
The new 2008 Honda Accord is available in Sedan and Coupe body styles and 4 different trim levels for a total of 14 different variants.

Sedan Trim Levels:
• LX and LX Premium (LX-P) trim levels are powered by a 2.4-liter, 180-hp four-cylinder i-VTEC engine with either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.
• EX and EX-L trim levels are powered by a 2.4-liter, 200-hp 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine with either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.
• The EX V-6 is powered by a 3.5-liter, SOHC, i-VTEC® V-6 engine with VCM and a 5-speed automatic transmission.
• The EX-L and EX V-6 are available with a Navigation system.

Coupe Trim Levels:
• LX Sport (LX-S), EX and EX-L trims are powered by a 2.4-liter, 200-hp 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine with either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.
• The EX V-6 automatic is powered by a 3.5-liter, SOHC, i-VTEC® V-6 engine with VCM and a 5-speed automatic transmission.
• The EX V-6 6MT is powered by a 3.5-liter, SOHC, VTEC® V-6 engine with a 6-speed manual transmission.
• The EX-L and EX V-6 are available with Navigation system.