2008 NICE Mycar review and pictures

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NICE Mycar

NICE developed a new all-electric city car, called MyCar. The two-seat city car has a starting price of EUR8.995 and will have its global debut at the British International Motor Show on July 22nd 2008. It is available in seven color options and it has no CO2 emissions. It has a range of 40 miles in normal city driving and it can reach a top speed of 40 mph with re-charge between six and eight hours. MyCar is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic on a steel tubular space-frame with tubular roll-bar. It features disc brakes and independent front and rear suspension.

MyCar is a stylish, all-electric city car

£8,995 starting price, for Italian-styled, two-seat city car
Global debut on NICE stand at British International Motor Show, 22 July 2008
Storage space under the bonnet, storage space in boot
Innovative options including removable roof and work n play / drive n play packages
Introducing MyCar, the all-electric city car that`s set to take the motor show by storm. It`s a two-seater, with a truly international pedigree; designed by Giugiaro of Italdesign , made in Hong Kong and on sale through the NICE Car Company in London come Autumn.

MyCar will start from £8,995 and comes with a two-year warranty. It is available in seven colour options, albeit every MyCar will be ‘green`. That`s because there are no emissions. It`s an electric car, so there isn`t even a tailpipe.

Running costs are very low, roughly one fifteenth compared to a conventional petrol or diesel model. Depending on electricity tariff used to charge the vehicle, owners will pay around 2p per mile.

MyCar has a range of around 40 miles in normal city driving, easily sufficient for the majority of urban motoring. Top speed is 40 mph with re-charge time between six and eight hours.

There`s no CO2 emissions which means no road tax. MyCar will also be congestion charge exempt and parking concessions are available in many London boroughs1 and in other parts of the UK. More on-street charging points will further increase its appeal.

Standard equipment for MyCar includes electric windows and mirrors, Radio/MP3 player, 14" Alloy wheels, remote central locking, Hi/lo and boost button and LCD multifunction display. It also has storage space under the bonnet, in the boot and in the glove compartment.

Options include a glass roof or removable fiberglass version. MyCar can also be specified with 15" Alloy wheels, leather interior, cooled and heated seats and a boot rack. All option prices are to be confirmed.

Two innovative features are work ‘n` play and drive ‘n` play options. The first incorporates a forward-folding passenger seat complete with laptop dock, the latter includes bluetooth, sat-nav and upgraded audio.

MyCar is made of fibreglass reinforced plastic on a steel tubular spaceframe with tubular roll-bar. It has disc brakes and independent front and rear suspension.

It is one of three all-electric cars that will debut on the NICE Car Company stand, N25 at the motor show. The NICE Car Company press briefing takes place at 14.15 but media are invited to come along at any time during the day to learn more.

Those that can`t make it to the motor show can visit our newly updated web site at www.nicecarcompany.co.uk