2008 Hyundai ix55 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 6 October 2008 , 01:10:51 byVeronica

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Hyundai ix55

Hyundai revealed for the first time the new ix55 luxury utility vehicle for the European customers. It has as base the Veracruz from the North American market, and it has undergone an extensive redevelopment program to prepare it for the European market. Both the diesel power plant and the transmission are firsts for Hyundai and the refined and powerful V6 diesel power train has been tuned specifically for the European market. The ix55 follows in the bold design footsteps of the new i10, i20 and i30 with sleek and modern styling. From its bold, optional Xenon headlamps and imposing grille, its muscular flanks and the 18-inch alloy wheels, the ix55 cloaks its robust stance with sleek styling and balanced proportions. The cabin is the last word in luxury. The carmaker used high-grade woods and leathers and the designers have created a spacious cabin that is both versatile and elegant. There is an equally extensive list of options, available through four additional equipment packages. Its front strut and multi-link rear suspension is fitted with up rated springs and dampers for more athletic ride and handling characteristics. Together with the ix55, Hyundai engineers also premier the all-new clean and muscular 3.0-liter V6 CRDi turbo diesel engine capable of developing 240 PS and 415 Nm of torque. Breathing through an innovative variable intake system with swirl control technology, the 24-valve engine features an electronically controlled VGT variable geometry turbocharger to ensure instant throttle response throughout the rev range. A DPF particulate filter will be available from early next year. The arrival of ix55 reinforces the class-leading safety levels of Hyundai, as the ix55 offers and exceptionally high degree of on the go security for those on board. The new Hyundai ix55 has been developed from the ground up to deliver exceptional family-oriented versatility. Key to this is the flexibility in its full seven-seat layout.