2008 Lamborghini selects new Diamond Black Zircotec coating for Reventon review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 19 June 2008 , 09:06:51 byVeronica

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Lamborghini selects new Diamond Black Zircotec coating for Reventon

It seems that coating specialist Zircotec has been selected by Automobili Lamborghini to supply a new thermal barrier for its one million euro Revent. The Diamond Black coating is applied to the exhaust and inhibits heat transfer from the tailpipe protecting heat sensitive components from damage. Paint finishes were unable to meet the stringent quality and durability requirements set by Lamborghini. Together with the new black finish, Zircotec was able to deliver not only a highly durable coating, but one that satisfied the requirements of the Styling Department of Lamborghini. This coating was the only coating that satisfied all our requirements. It is durable and offers significantly better performance than any other solution they have seen before. Up until now, black was only available using high temperature paints. Only using paint is less durable and is therefore not appropriate for OEM applications. It provides an extremely hard and durable surface that is highly resistant to vibration, mechanical damage and thermal shock. Together with the requirements to reduce weight and as packing restrictions started increasing, the coating specialists started offering easily packaged solutions that can dramatically inhibit the transfer to heat from exhausts, turbos and catalysts, protecting heat sensitive components. When applied to an exhaust system, the Zircotec coating inhibits the radiation of heat from the surface of the material, holding the heat inside. The coating can also be applied to other metal components including heat shields. Well, folks, this is it for the moment.