2008 Mazda3 MPS Targa Tasmania review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 10 April 2008 , 18:04:16 byVeronica

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Mazda3 MPS Targa Tasmania

Mazda Australia unveiled their new Mazda3 MPS rally car ahead of its motorsport debut that will take place next week at the Targa Tasmania. The model is powered by an engine capable of generating 190 kW and it has front wheel drive. Rick Bates and Alister McRae, professional rally drivers will spearhead the 8th Targa campaign of the company. The drivers will arrive in Tasmania to survey the course. Before the event both will have driven all the daunting stages at least two times. Bates is lining up for his 6th assault on Targa and he wants to improve his 2007 result. According to him, the current equipment and knowledge will help him succeed. Thanks to their experience, the driver knows exactly how the new Mazda3 MPS rally car behaves under tricky and changing road conditions. The racing regulations require that the model remain essentially standard. What does this mean? Well the new Mazda3 MPS rally car will compete with standard audio equipment, power windows and carpets and upholstery intact. According to the engineers suspension springs, shock absorbers, brake pads, seats, belts and the steering wheel have been replaced. The car features now a PCD roll cage, racing seats with five-point safety harnesses, fire extinguishers and navigating equipment, all added for the competition. The modification process is not over, so other changes may appear. Mufflers and the Power train Control Module may also be modified. The engineers could also add extra ventilation to the brake discs of the new Mazda3 MPS rally car. On the other hand, the catalytic converters must remain standard. As expected, the engine, transmission and drive train will remain as standard. This is all the date we have managed to gather for the event.