2008 Mercedes F700 Research Vehicle review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 20 June 2008 , 08:06:14 byVeronica

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Mercedes F700 Research Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz specialists want to offer safety, comfort and refined driving pleasure with all their models. They offer a tangible outlook into the future of the combustion engine with the innovative DIESOTTO engine in the research vehicle F 700. The requirements of the everyday customer are more differentiated and more individualized. German specialists are convinced that, in the future, one single technology will not prevail on the road to sustainable mobility. The benefits of individual technologies in respect of optimal fuel consumption and emissions values are played to their best advantage in specific fields of application. The development strategy of the company is centered on securing its leading position within the premium vehicle segment. Optimization of vehicles with the very latest combustion engines, such as downsizing, gasoline direct injection, turbo charging and BlueTEC, as well as specific vehicles optimization initiatives in areas such as aerodynamics, lightweight design and energy management. The company is also pursuing the development of clean and alternative fuels that do not present a competitive threat to food crops. Further potential for the increased efficiency of combustion engines can be realized through hybrid technologies. Next year, Mercedes-Benz will launch two gasoline hybrids. The benefits of low-emission gasoline engines and the fuel consumption advantages of modern diesel engines are brought together in the DIESOTTO engine developed by the carmaker. An additional hybrid module is integrated within the F 700 research vehicle. As a result, the F 700 offers the high performance of a gasoline, 238 horsepower and the superior torque of a diesel engine, 400 Nm. In parallel to hybrid concepts, the German manufacturer is working hard on solutions for purely electric driving using fuel cells and batteries. The success of innovative drive concepts is directly linked to the allocation and availability of corresponding infrastructures. Thereby a much more intensive collaboration between energy companies, petroleum industry and politics together with automobile manufacturers is needed.